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  1. Dear FileMaker Gurus: In single-user mode, FileMaker v.6, I can go to "File"Menu>"AccessPrivileges">"DefinePassWords">"DeleteRecords" and choose either "All" or "Limited." If I choose "Limited," I will be asked to specify a "Formula" for controlling "Delete" Access to records. Help me, please! What I am trying to do is to clearly define and delineate the distinctions between the low-level privilege for Portal Row Deletion and the higher one for Record Deletion. How to specify the calculation/formula? Many thanks! Max NY
  2. Dear Vodka: Thanks for the tips! "Significance No" is causing the headache! It was defined as a Calculation: "Status(CurrentRecordNumber)" Whenever I use your recommendation to lunch "Perform Find" Script, I get the data of other regions' as well, not just "NE's""SE's" . I am looking forward to export, only, "NE" and "SE" regions' data to a TAB file, regardless their "Significance Values.;" regardless their "Rankings" on the Portal Row. Help, Please! Thanks!
  3. Dear Vodka: Yes! "Perform Find" has to be done! The headache is I have to "wrestle" with 2 regions, not just 1! Not sure how to specify "Find""Constrain Found Set".....Script Steps? Help! Please! Max NY
  4. This DB is hosted on FileMaker v.5.5 Server, developed on v.6 client. Personally! I am into v.7 Server and Client. Thanks! Max NY
  5. Dear FileMaker Gurus: I have a Sales DB hosted on v.5.5 Server. 9 regions: NE: RegionCode1 Ea: RegionCode2 SE: RegionCode3 So: RegionCode4 Sw: RegionCode5 We: RegionCode6 Nw: RegionCode7 No: RegionCode8 Ce: RegionCode9 On the portal, there are "Region Name""Region Code""Customer Count""Annual Sales""Sales Rep Comments""Significance No" fields. Sales Rep.'s entered their comments on sales prospect on the "Comments" field and labeled them with "Significance Value," from"1" to "10." "1"would be displayed on the top row of the portal. I was asked to
  6. Dear FileMaker Gurus: I have FileMaker v.6 DB, hosted on v.5.5 Server. There is a portal, concerning Customer Comments. It was designed this way: On the very top of the portal, there are 9 radio buttons and 1 Value List: "01,""02,""03,""04,""05,""06,""07,""08" and "09" which represent customers in 9 separate geographic regions. At the bottom part, there are as much as 9 rows, displaying customers' comments in their individual region. For instance, if the user check "01" and "03" buttons, the customers' comments in Regions "01" and "03" will be shown in the bottom 2 rows.
  7. Dear SD: You are great! Your formula works on v.7 or higher! Not on v.6 or older! Awesome! Max NY
  8. Dear FileMaker Gurus: I have a FileMaker v.6 DB, hosted on v.5.5 Server. I was asked to create a new field, in the form of "Yes""No" Radio Button, default to "Yes." Yet! Users are allowed to check "No." How about the field definition? Calculation? Help! Please! Max NY
  9. Dear SD: I do appreciate you effort! regards, Max NY
  10. Dear Veteran: The “Entry” Layout is for data entry. The “Tracking” Layout is geared toward offering a quick glance at all of the aspects of the status and progress of the project: more like for display and read only. Thanks! Max NY
  11. Dear SD: Thanks for your reply! It is a v.6 DB. I talked about "replication." I meant: On the "Entry" Layout, users can enter "estimated" total page number to the "Page Count" Field. The value will be propagated to the "TotalPageNo" Field in the "Tracking" Layout, where all sorts of information and progress of the report are monitored. You are right=>=> "I think it's a calculated field validation that you are looking for? So that when someone tries to enter a new record after the 'Finalized' field is populated the system prompts an error... Am I close?? " Than
  12. Dear SD: I have not quiet understood the correlations between my asking about The Logical Function""IsEmpty"" and your "Voidance." Please elaborate! Thanks! Max NY
  13. Dear FileMaker Guru: I was asked to revise a FileMaker v.6 Report Tracking DB, hosted on v.5.5 Server. On the "Entry" Layout, users can enter "projected" total page number to the "Page Count" Field. The value will be replicated to the "TotalPageNo" Field in the "Tracking" Layout, where all sorts of information of the report are monitored. Now, I have received a request: Create a new "Finalized Page Count" Field for the manager, only, to enter the "Finalized" total page number into. If the "Finalized Page Count" Field is empty, current replication stays. If the manager
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