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  1. Hey you didn't happen to get around to reading my response did you? Thanks
  2. Thank you again for your help, it all seems to be coming together now. I am just looking to make a GUI that would work well with the database. What I am looking to do is: On one layout: Have one date field outside of a portal. On the portal, have a "employee select" drop down list, with an hours field adjacent to it. Also, something such as a simple prompt with suffice as well. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. So I am almost done adapting your template to my design. Thank you... I am just curious if I would be able to programmatically place an X in the dates that are non existent, such as September 31, Nov. 31, Feb 30 & 31... so on. Would such a task require a global field maybe? Thank you
  4. Wow, how did you do that, lol? This is very nice. Hopefully I could adapt this to my project. Now, as for the list layout, basically I have to format it to fit that form, correct?
  5. Yes sir, thats what is so difficult, formatting it that way. I am stuck at this part, I don't know how easy it would be to make this in FM.
  6. Well what I would like to do is, from a promt or form, select an employees name, the date, and the hours worked. When ill need to look at that employees timesheet and print it out at the end of the year I would like all it all to come together from the prevously entered information that accumulated in the database
  7. Do you think it would be more approriate to use MS Access or Excel for this kind of problem?
  8. The number of hours worked, which isnt more than 16 hours per date would each have its own date. Did you get a chance to look at the attachment?
  9. In my department each member has their own time card for the fiscal year staring in July and ending in June. This time card shows how many hours they worked on a specific date, in the end it calculates the hours for the month and then year. Please see attached PDF for a better idea of what I mean. I have to come up with a solution that will place the appropriate number of hours worked on a specific date for each officer. This seems awfully difficult to do, I am not even sure if it can be done. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks APS___11.pdf
  10. y2kmental

    Input Mask

    well it works when i type 24, it turns it to 24:00. But if i type 1645 it displays 1645:
  11. y2kmental

    Input Mask

    Is there a way to enable an input feild mask, so users dont have to enter the ':' in time.. 22:00, takes longer to enter 2200 would be easier -> transformed to 22:00 thanks
  12. Good morning all, I am creating an hour log for members of my volunteer ambluance corps. When a member comes in they enter the time they have started, and they enter their end time when they leave. I have a total field that calcuates the hours donated by that member for that specific day. What is important for us is, at the end of the month, have a total number of hours calcuated for that specific month and specific member. How would one go about creating a script as such? Thank you.
  13. Well the 10 is assumed, in emergency services we use codes called 10-codes, basically its shorthand for terms. I was just providing the 10 for informative purposes. 63 and 98 may make no sense to people.
  14. But how will the "Description" Field know what what selected in the dropdown "Code" Field? here is a picture http://home.fhvac.org/images/fm/pic1.bmp Thank you much.
  15. Hello all, I am making a dispatch database for a volunteer ambulance organization and in the db I have: A list of radio codes (aka 10-codes) where each code corresponds to its own value... example: 10-63 = Responding to location: 10-98 = Available in the area. When a radio code is selected I would like a description to go into the addjacent text feild with the ability to type further information... example: 10-63 | Responding to location: QB/63DRIVE for mortor vehicle accident 10-98 | Available in area, from (whatever) area I already have the feilds set up all I thi
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