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    yes...with executable i mean the runtime version where the user no longer needs a filemaker licence. I can't find anywhere in the manual/help files of filemaker advanced that the PDF version is no longer available in runtime. so...are you absolutely sure? If so...than i have to use an external program like "cute PDF" so the user can send his file to the pdf writer instead of a regular printer. any other options or suggestions?
  2. AVD128


    I'm trying to have my records exported in PDF format. In filemaker pro 8.5 advanced there is the option : "save/send record as"...Excel or PDF. In a script is use the script step to create the PDF. It works in the FMpro 8.5 ADV version but when I create the executable the option is gone and the script no longer works although i have set my login privileges with : allow printing, allow export...etc....full privilege. what am i doing wrong?
  3. This is interesting...up to now I was convinced that it was only a FM Windows version problem due to all the reactions i got, but now a Mac user claims to have similar problems with the graphics handling between version 9 and 8.5 Unfortunately i am afraid that at this moment nothing can be done about it. I just hope that lots and lots of people who have this problem will report the issue to the Filemaker technical service dep. I'd love to use v9 (thats what we are paying maintenance fees for) but v9 just destroys our previous work in v8.5
  4. Does anyone have an update yet on this issue? Maybe some of you had the change to discuss it during DEVCON
  5. I agree, It seems that only the windows users are experiencing these problems. Something must have changed in Version 9 that handles the calls of the Operating system for graphic build up. Instead of only refreshing the requested window and placing it on top, it looks like all open files are being handled separatly and refreshed from last on top to first on top. This effect can even been seen while switching between just 2 files or layouts of one and the same file (although the latter less visible) I'm using windows XP...tested it on several computers from Intel grahic accelerator t
  6. When I switch files from testfile1 to testfile 2 it is noticable that the graphic build up is slower in V9 than in V8. I took it a step further by creating 10 testfiles nr 1 opens them all with the "open" command in an init script. When I switch files now via >windows> I see in Version 9 a flickering off all the other 9 files if you look closely. I think it has something to do with the fact that the other files in the background are cascaded. I tried minimizing them...but that makes it visibly even slower like popup windows (file 1 from max to min and file min to max). Due to the fact
  7. a visualisation (vid) of the problem made with a screencorder cannot be posted here. But attached are 2 of the most simplest of files which already show a difference in graphic speed in V8.5 en 9.0 when switching layouts and files Graphictest.zip
  8. :) good to hear that I'm not the only one with the problem. Ofcourse we are very curious with the outcome when you get the change to talk to the Engineerings. As for....the benefits of V9 outweighing the problems....mmmm i do not fully agree. I can't wait to use the conditional formatting....and all other new features but not at the expense of slow, unstable views which will eventually annoy the user. See keep looking for a solution...and in the meantime...viva 8.5
  9. I checked all relationships as you suggested but no....there aren't any missing. I still dont get it what causes these problems in V9 and not in V8.5 As a test I created 2 very simple files. Each file with one layout, darkred background with on top a smaller grey plane with 30 fields (6 copies of 5 fields just to fill the screen). Both files are identical but the fields on a slightly different location on screen. If I switch from file 1 to file 2 you just SEE that it takes time for the graphics to be ready. In version V8.5 switching files from 1 to 2 is done in a split second and not
  10. Thank you all for your reactions: Clarifying the problem in a screenshot is not doable. Its a dynamic problem and only visible during switching of files and layouts. I checked for updates for the graphic chip but the latest version is already installed. I must say that its not the best graphics driver. The company leases HP computers containing the Intel 865G/GV chipset (Intel extreme graphics2 64 MB ) for 300 employees. Asking for an upgrade of computers to have Filemaker 9.0 work better is not an option. AND....on this computer configuration version 8.5 works perfect. To
  11. What a disappointment ! We have been working on a rather complex program for several months now. The program consists of a dozen of related files, a few tables per file , several layouts per file with TABs due to the extend of information needed to be displayed. Furthermore is each word, on every layout throughout the entire program , linked to a translation table which allows the program and text to be viewed in several languages depending on a main selections. (English,Chinese, Russian…you name it) The program looks fine in version 8.5 but truly awful in 9.0. It seems like ver
  12. We have built a multilanguage module using language tables and a lang.key. For the key and all the text fields we use global fields. Making the text fields calculation fields we can switch between several languages in one layout. So far so good! [color:red]The problem is when we go in find mode, then we became a empty layout probably due to the fact that it’s not possible to calculate the global fields anymore Question : Is it possible to show the contents of a related and/or calculating global, field in find mode
  13. I know that its a good start .. But now for use in separate files. :confused:
  14. I am looking for a good solution for switching between languages in my FM8.5 application. I just want to switch in a various number languages starting with two. All field labels must be changeable and all the messages, I want to do this in a separate file so I can use it in all my application files. This makes it easier to add a new language or to correct a translation error. So I started to make a language module file, with a repeating (10) text field, for each language one repeating position. I fill this field for each label or written text in a layout, a new record. In the file it
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