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  1. I have a portal set-up to track labor costs in each project record. Our staff will enter the labor costs, which are connected to the record by a JobID. The Labor table is set-up to allow creation of records, but the option to Delete related records is not checked. Frequently, after several weeks or months have passed, with the labor cost visible in the portal, it will disappear. It is not found in the Labor table, it seems to be missing, without anyone manually deleting it (permissions are restricted for all but the Administrator to do this). Suggestions for what other settings I should look at to resolve this? I am using Filemaker 12. Thanks,
  2. Thank you, both bcooney & Comment. I re-arranged my tables and table occurrences, and have my category and subcategory drop downs working now. I am still having trouble with the permission group setting for the department who should be using this. When they go to add a portal row or choose a subcategory (material description field) it tells them they do not have access privileges to perform this function. However, I do, so it is not a matter of allowing creation of records between tables, I don't think. I have it set so that this department can create, view, edit and delete records from the table...any clue as to what would be preventing them from editing / adding records? ETA: I checked under the permission settings for this department and if I go directly to the layout for the table, I can edit, add, delete, create records, but I just cannot do it through the portal.
  3. No, sorry - I have unique prices for each material option. But, my materials fall into categories, i.e.: Shingles CTR 1 CTR 2 CTR 3 Underlayment Roofer Select 30 lb Felt 15 lb Felt Fasteners 1-1/2" 1-1/4" Plastic Caps So, in the Material Items portal in my Customer/Job layout, I would like to be able to enter in the Category (i.e. Fasteners) and in the Item Description field have a drop-down that ONLY shows the items in that category (1-1/2", 1-1/4", Plastic Caps). Then the corresponding price should come up, based on the price associated with the category-item description match in the Material Pricing table. I have my three tables set-up this way, and my customer table is my job table (it is actually job numbers - I just call it customer table out of habit because that's what we call it in the office - sorry!)
  4. With our database 1 customer = 1 job -- customers don't have multiple jobs (actually, They can, but we run everything off a job number, and then these materials are assigned to a job). The Job ID is matching between the Customer and Material Items tables. I could assign a Material ID in both the Material Items and Material Pricing tables, but I don't see how that would allow me to both pull prices over, and generate a value list of items assigned only to a specific category of materials.
  5. I have looked at a few sample files uploaded in some previous threads, but still am a little confused about what mistake I am making with my file. I have three tables, with the following fields: Customers Job Id Name Material Items Material Category Material Description Material Price Job Id Material Pricing Material Category Material Description Material Price Material Pricing is set-up with each of the categories, items and prices for our list of possible supplies. I have a portal in the Customers layout for Material Items. I have it set-up so that the Material Items & Material Pricing are joined by a Material Description = Material Description relationship, so that the price from the Material Pricing can be copied in to the Material Items table. I want to set-it up so that in the Customers Layout, on the portal, we can select the Category, and then a drop-down with the corresponding Items will show up, and the price will populate. If I have it set so that Material Description = Material Description then the prices populate, but I cannot get the category drop down to give us the appropriate options that are ONLY for that category. If I change so that Material Category = Material Category between those tables then I can get the drop downs to work, but the prices don't convert. Do I need a Table Occurence? I tried a few different variations of this but could not get it to work.
  6. As an update - I was able to get it to work after combining all of the tables into one database. I now have a new problem I'm trying to work on, of course! Thanks for everyone's input. :
  7. I think that is similar to how I created it, with my ContractLineItems = Material Items and Items = Material Pricing. I will have to create the new tables and import things, and hopefully that will help solve this issue. Thanks for your insight!
  8. Yes, I have two databases - I'm beginning to wonder if I made a mistake by creating the two databases, instead of creating one big database with additional tables for my pricing. Here is how it is structured: Main Database =Contract Table Pricelist Database =Material Items Table Material Pricing Table In my Pricelist database I have a link between my Material Items & Material Pricing tables, so that when I create a new Item, the price of the item is carried over. Then in my Main Customer database I have my Contract Table linked to an occurence of my Material Items Table by Customer ID. Should I just combine both databases into one database, and add the Material Items & Material Pricing tables to the Main Customer Database? EDITED TO ADD: However, I'm not sure that the two databases are the issue, because I am able to do what I want to under my login... further confusion... :-?
  9. He has access to view, edit and create entries and field access for all fields in the parent table. [Any New Table] is also set for total field access. The portal table is not showing up on the record privileges, which is why I thought that the record privileges from the portal table would cross over between databases.
  10. Sorry, I realize in re-reading my post that I must have been rushed and didn't explain properly. I do have it set-up so that you can create records between tables in the dialog box you were speaking of. I have a script set-up that allows the user to create about 10 line items assigning different item categories with one button. That script is set to run with full access privileges. After those are entered, this person cannot edit any of the other fields within that portal row. It says that his permission settings do not allow him to do so. I have his permission settings on the Material database as being able to create, edit and delete records, so I thought that in a portal in the other database he would be able to do the same. It will not allow him to though.
  11. I have two databases - Main Customer & Pricelist. There is a portal from one of the Pricelist tables in the Main Customer layout. I want my Production Mgr to be able to create a pricelist in the Main Customer layout, so he doesn't have to leave that screen. But, when he goes to create a portal row it tells him he is not authorized to do this. BUT, when I gave him access to the Pricelist file, to see if he could create a new record in that database, it would allow him to. Why would he not be able to create a new record via the portal, but can directly through the table? I thought the permission settings would be transferable across tables and databases, if they are linked.
  12. I have three tables I am working with. Budget (which holds Week and Year), Contract and Income. I have my Income table linked to the Budget table with a multiple match criteria of: Week = Week AWO Sold Year = Year AWO Sold This is working perfectly and I am getting the calculation in the Budget table that I am looking for. But, I tried the same multiple match with the Contract and Budget table and am having issues. Week = Week Contract Installed Year = Year Contract Installed It does not bring up anything in my budget table. If I remove the second criteria it will calculate based on the week, but when I add the year in, it does nothing. I checked my fields and they are all number fields, or calculated to be number fields. They are created in the correct contexts. I am not sure what would cause this second relationship to not work. I also noticed that the connectors between tables look a little bit different. On the table that is working, there are two "prongs" connecting to my Income table. On the table that is not working, I have one "prong" and one flat headed connector. I am not sure if this signifies something, and could not find information online or in other posts. Any suggestions? EDIT: Nevermind! I apologize, I just found that I had the "Do not store calculation results" box checked under storage options. This seems to have fixed my problem.
  13. Ah yes, sorry that's pretty obvious isn't it! Another thing we were hoping to be able to calculate is job cost per day for our installers. Not sure what a good solution to this would be. If a job lasts 3 days and our crew works varying hours per day, we would like to be able to capture what those hours are and also per person.
  14. I work for a construction company and we have jobs that last about 3 - 5 days on average. My managers would like to be able to see what days we worked on jobs, but I was thinking that if we used a field that showed us a list we could also search for all jobs worked on during a given day. So, if a job starts on Monday and ends on Friday, if I run a report for all jobs active on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday the job would come up on the list. Any suggestions for better ways around this would be appreciated!
  15. I am trying to figure out how to create a list of dates between 2 fields. I have a start date and an end date, is there a way to show in another field all of the dates between these two fields?
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