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  1. Comment, you are a genius! That's exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much for your help. William
  2. Hello all, I'm having trouble with a calculation that I need some help in (FM 9 Advanced). I have 4 fields: A date field called "subscribed date" (ex. 7/31/2008) A number field called "Payment cycle in days" (ex. 30) A date calulation field called "payment date" (ex. 8/30/2008)that adds subscribed date and payment date A calulation field called " next payment date" that has a case statemnt that adds 30 days to show the next payment date(ex. 9/30/2008)(case statement is a few paragraphs below) So lets say I subscribe on 7/31/2008. My payment date is 30 days so the calculatio
  3. Henry, It's amazing how we stare so hard we miss how simple it is That did it! Thanks so much for your help!! William
  4. Hello all, I know this has to be simple but I'm having a calculation issue and I guess I'm thinking to hard. Basically I want a calculation field that takes multiple fields and make it comma separated. So what I would like to create a calculation with static labels for the first row and calculations for the other rows that create something like: Name,Address,Phone Bill Smith, 211 Main st,5551234567 Steve Jones, 300 W. Jackson,5553456789 I am using this calculation: Name,Address,Phone Namefld1 & "," & Addressfld1 & "," & Phonefld1¶ Namefld2 & "," &am
  5. One thing I've done is hide the runtime like this. Let's say I have an application named "software". I will change the name to something official sounding like "dcomlink" and then compile using that name as the runtime name and the extension as dll. After I compile, I will rename the exe as "software", and leave the dcomlink.dll alone. I've never had a problem with the software opening and working the way it should. Filemaker users know to open the 'usr' file to open your software, but they won't open every dll to open it. The key is doing it the way I said so that the .dll name
  6. That works great! Thank you so much for your help John!
  7. Oops, forgot to select perform : Thanks so much for your help, Comment!
  8. Hello all, I'm stuck on something. I have a container that has a simple sound file (recorded in filemaker). I can play it by double clicking it the container but I'd like to get it to play by use of script. It seems like it should be possible but I can't get it to work with a script. Any ideas? Thanks, William
  9. Hello all, I wonder if someone can help me with this. I have field1 that has text like "The shiny red car went fast" I have three other fields that each have a word like: 'shiny' 'car' 'fast' Since those 3 fields match words in field1, I would like to do a calculation that assigns points based on the amount of keywords in field1. In this case each of the 3 words is worth 10 points so my calculation field would equal 30 points. What I'm not sure how to do is to match the keywords with the line of test. Hopefully I explained this right and thanks in advance for the
  10. The Clickteam Installer is what I use: http://www.clickteam.com/eng/installcreator.php It's also freeware and let's you easily enter a custom icon during the creation process. Hope that helps, William
  11. I understand what you're saying but I'm not touting it as a high security solution, just another option that has worked well for me. As we we've seen on these forums, most security solutions have some type of vunerabilty, it's up to us as developers to decide what level of security we're comfortable with. The biggest advantage using my system is that I have to do no altering of my program (user accounts, time limits, record limits, etc,) which to me can cause more issues than it's worth sometimes. Thanks for the feedback so far.
  12. The thing to remember is that my runtime solution has not changed except for the exe has the 30 day trial on it. Since I keep the unlocked exe file till they purchase, the only way the user could get a full version of my software is to crack the 30 day wrapper on the trial exe. I don't know how hard it would be to crack the 30 day wrapper on the trial version but I'm sure that's beyond the typical user.
  13. It runs the exe created in the Filemaker Advanced runtime solution.
  14. That's the beauty of it, the trial exe is exactly the same as the unlocked version except it has the 30 day wrapper on it. So, the data that they put in during the trial version is still there. William
  15. I know there's been some discussion lately about creating demos/trial solutions. I've used several different methods embedded in my FM solution but I've been using a method lately that's a lot easier to offer a 30 day trial without altering my solution. I first create a normal solution and then I use a piece of freeware called Software key TrialCreator: Link The software is really simple and takes a few minutes to create a 30 day exe file. So basically I end up with 2 exe files like: solution_main.exe (unlocked- main file) and solution.exe (30 day trial) Once t
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