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  1. Fenton, That works fine. Dont mind using a script. like the fact that the "commit records" un-highlights the targeted field. And just want to confirm, that since no other fields are being set, that that command will not cause any other issues.
  2. Ok, I have a Indexed Text field that I want to keep the user from modifying. So I went to field behavior and unchecked allow entry in browse mode. But I want the user to be able to copy the contents of the field, so I created a copy button specifying that field. But copy button wont work if it cant go to that field. Tried several work arounds like creating an unstored calc field that would hide behind the copy button..lol But, not a real answer to the problem. Also, there is no validation on this particular field, and only want to lock this one field down, not the entire record or layout.
  3. Cool, just cleaned out almost half my scripts! Thanks.
  4. I have created a script that sets the find/sort criteria according to one of 6 possible buttons, plus a default setting. It works, but just seems clunky and repetitive, and wanted a more experienced person to see if there is a cleaner, slicker way of doing the same thing. I was originally was going to use "Get(lastActiveObject)" to define what button was pushed until I found out that it does not work with buttons! The attached file basically just contains the script file. Date_Calc_Test.zip
  5. Great LaRetta, Made one small mod: TimeFirstShark + lapse [color:red]> Get ( CurrentTimeStamp )
  6. Ok, broke down and purchased FM 8.5 Advanced, shezz, the trouble it would have saved me earlier in copying scripts and dealing with them in general! Anyway, is there a way to post a script other then a screen shot, or making a sample file?
  7. I am trying to find the difference between the creation timestamp and the current timestamp, then if the difference is more then 20 days to set that record to inactive. Timediff :[color:blue]Calc, unstored = Let ([ time = Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) - Timefirstshark ; days = Div ( time ; 24 * 60 * 60 ); time = Mod (time; 24 * 60 * 60 ) ]; days & ":" & Hour ( time ) & ":" & Minute ( time ) & ":" & Seconds ( time )) Active:[color:blue] Calc, unstored = Case (Timediff > "20:0:0:0" ; "No" ; "Yes" ) It seems to work at first, but then for some
  8. This actually applies to different problems, First one is, I have a layout in list view that has a small web viewer window in each record that the user has to mark as active or not. There are usually about 35 records in the list. Since FM will only update the web viewer when it's visiable, would speed up the process if I could get more records to display across the page. The second one is much simpler, Just a bunch of records with a status field that need to be viewe at once. Would basically like to see thae same display as the preview mode gives you.
  9. Just want to make sure I am not missing anything. There is no way to get records to display in multible columns in "list" view correct? I know You can in print preview.
  10. LaRetta, I downloaded your test2, and it worked just as you said, only weird part was if I used text would get "No" in calc, if I used number that was in the second table i would get "Yes". If I used a number that was not in the second table, I would get "" nothing. The script side reported all. Ok, Now for my script... After seeing the results of your tests, I when back and examined it closer and found that the couple of domain tests I used happen to have at least 1 number somewhere in the domain name. when I tried straight text, always false... great.. back to the drawing board!!
  11. Am I missing something, because in my tests, it's doing exacts matches.. if I change one letter or number in the comparison, it sees the difference and reports correctly.
  12. LaRetta, I tested it against both ip and text domain, seems to work fine both ways. Here is how I set up my test:
  13. Wow, that sounds almost too easy.. testing it out now. Thank you, that was very simple, and works very quickly. ???
  14. Need to know the most efficent way of doing something close to this: If table::field is in the records of 2nd table::field then etc. would work just as well if not member of... We are inputing websites into a database and doing a whois data capture on the base domain. So URL table one has all the websites and Whois Table has all the domain info. The URL table can have multibles of the same domain, but with different websites. So, was looking for way to flag the user that that URL while may be new has a domain that has been catured already so the user does not have to
  15. Making Progress, Here is what I have done; Created following Fields: Created a Self Join relationship "URL Staging Area::Domain Name" cDupDomain = Calc, Unstored, From URL Staging Area, = Sum (Domain Dupes::One) One = Calc, from URL Staging Area, = 1 SumOne = Summary = Total of One I will just attach jpg's of both the scripts and result. Just want one of each record to display, and would like to have in a portal. If this sounds incohent.. due to major lack of sleep..
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