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  1. I understand it is not a feasible. But the above is the situation. Kindly suggest us how have a script that will run for 1 or 2 minutes to get the IDs of 30,000 records. I feel it is not feasible. Hari
  2. Hello, Guru has given the required details. But I would like to add few more details: Take it as an example 1. We have a table A with 1 lakh records. We have given option for the user to find the records. For example, if a user has entered few search criteria and the retrieved records found was 30 thousand 2. We have an global layout, there we have created a relationship with the table A. We have just created a temp field and using it, we are connecting the tables and we shown the records which are matched for this condition in the portal Our question is, after the use
  3. Thanks for the reply. It wont help. Because our requirement is, we want to do this inside filemaker. Please see the attached file. I have just created a script which will show you what I'm expecting. I want to extract the content from container field to text field. Thank you. Hari wordimport.zip
  4. Extract the content of word document into filemaker Hello, I have a doubt in filemaker. The actual requirement is, I want to import the contents of Word document (.doc) into filemaker. I have tried lot of methods to achieve the solution. But still the problem persists. I also have another question, I have a word document in container field, I want to copy the content of that word document into text field in filemaker. Is this can be achieved usign any scripts ? If you have any solution, kindly reply. Thank you. Regards, Hari
  5. Hello, I have the below doubt: I have an application. Which I want to send to my client as a deployed application. I can able to create deployed application easliy. But, it contains the framework top menu with the application. I can able to resize the window which is below the framework. But I cant able to resize the framework window. Can you help me ? I attached an image for your perusal. Thank you - Hari
  6. Thank you very much. Excellent! This is the solution I expected Hari
  7. Excellent! Thank you. It does. I have another one clarification, Is it possible to use only one field instead of two fields ? Currently, we are using two fields, one field for company id (like company id drop down in contacts). After the selection, we are displaying the company name in the separate field. Is it possible to use a same field for both purpose ? Thanks in Advance Hari
  8. Hi all, I have the below requirement, can anyone help me to achieve this ? 1. I have a table company, which contains fields: company name & company id. 2. I have a another table with fields: employee id, name, company name & company id. 3. I have created a relationship between company & employee using company id field My question is, 1. I have to provide a drop down to show list of company names to reference to the company field in employee 2. Once the user selected a company name. I need to show the information related to company using company id field i
  9. Hello, Can anyone help me how to achieve the below requriement, I want to create a login form in php to check the filemaker data is precent -- How can I achieve this ? Thanks in advance...
  10. Hi Filemaker Lovers, I am having the below doubt -- can any one help me please, I am going to create a website in php and which is going to be controled by filemaker CMS application. For this, I have the below doubt, 1. We can able to bold/italic the text selected using the filemaker format options. But, when I am showing this in web via PHP -- it shows the text normally without formatting. Kindly can any one help me please -- how to achieve this ? Thanks in advance.. Hari
  11. Hello support, I developed a application in filemaker, Iam going to install the application in their place. I will be having the below doubt, whether we need to install the same developer version filemaker 8.5 to them, then it's very cost effective. Whether any version / software available for filemaker data entry for less cost ?, then it's great Expecting your earliest reply. Many Thanks. Hari
  12. Hi I will be having the below doubt in filemaker, 1. In Visual Basic or other microsoft application, once we finished the coding development We create setup and install the same in the client place, so that they not required VB there whether this possibility available in filemaker ? I want to create a application in filemaker and wants to install this in the non-filemaker client machine. Help me -- Hari Thanks in advance
  13. we are creating a application in filemaker, for this we are having the below problem, 1. we want to execute script from calculation field.
  14. It's good to see your efforts are converted into results. But can you please suggest me some advacnced script concepts book or a link to download the file (from any forum). Hari
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