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  1. We have using been Filemaker for years and started doing some more develpment in ASP.NET using ODBC drivers provided with Filemaker. Our Filemaker Server is version 11 and ODBC driver is We are experiencing extreme slowness form the server and any kind of operation like browsing thru records using the client is also slow. When we restart the service fmxdbc_listener, it helps for a while and then intermittently starts to slow down again. I have a few questions: 1. Is this expected when fmxdbc_listener is loaded with more requests form applications? 2. Is there a better
  2. Thanks for replying AudioFreak. Pilcrow is actually a character commonly used to denote paragraphs. What I am talking about is a new line character. Let me try to explain what I am trying to do. I have a web page that is actually a form that customers can fill in to submit a request for something. Now the form has textboxes where the customer can type in. For example, I have a textbox named "Name" and the other as "Location". Now in Filemaker pro database, values from these two textboxes go to the same field CustomerInfo. I use oledb to do that. And they should display in
  3. No responses yet. : Does anyone at least know what is the NewLine character for Version 9? Thanks again.
  4. Hi, I have a piece of code in C# that pushes data from an online form to the FileMaker Pro database. It grabs text from different textboxes. To insert a line break after each line, I use "rn" or Environment.NewLine (both mean the same in Windows Enviroment). This thing was working fine until I think we updated to FileMaker Pro 9. Users who are using version 9 see the data all jumbled up (as if FileMaker is not recognizing the new line character). Users who are using version 8 don't have this problem. They see the data fine. So I am pretty sure its not the code problem. Are ther
  5. Hi, I am writing a script that saves the current records to an excel sheet using the "Save Records as Excel" script. Is there a way to set the Page Layout of the excel sheet to Landscape. I tried Print Setup script but that doesn't help. It seems its only for Printing. Please help. Max
  6. I have an ASP.NET application in which I have a Form that takes in some values from the user and inserts them into our FMP database. Everything was working fine for a year (the last successful INSERT was on 08/14/2007) and then suddenly I get this error when I hit the SUBMIT button on my web page. This is happening on both my Production and Development server. Are ports creating a problem here? Thanks... max
  7. Thank you all...you have been of great help.
  8. Thank yo so much. Let me work on this one. Thanks, Max
  9. Do you have a sample of the script? Thanks, Max
  10. When I import tables from Filemaker to SQL Sever, for some values, I get characters at the end of the value that look like small boxes. I found out that these characters were actually CR or LF characters which were already present in the source tables in Filemaker (a data entry problem). This creates problem when I am writing queries in SQL. For example, take a value of field Empl_Name as John, so a value John is treated differently than John{CR or LF} but these characters are not visible in Filemaker. So, is there a way to clean all the tables by removing these unwanted linefeeds of carria
  11. Hi, Is there a way to clean-up the database by removing all the unwanted carriage returns (CR) and line feeds (LF). I don't want to do it manually by going to each value and deleting this unwanted special lower level characters. Some kind of script or option in Filemaker would be good. Thanks, Max
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