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  1. Hi Marc - In WorldShip, there is actually a Name (company) along with an Attention field plus the address fields. You really don't want to put names into address lines as the attention name is required for some shipments. You could certainly create a calc field with and then map that field in your import. If you're looking to simply your shipping, I'd suggest you take a look at NRGship - from FileMaker you can directly ship, rate, track and validate addresses. Post-shipment, you can pull tracking numbers and costs into your source database. It removes the need for Server Advanced,
  2. Make sure you have installed the FMP 9v3 SSL update. http://www.filemaker.com/support/updaters/fmp_9.0.3_SSL_mac_update.html
  3. I'd highly suggest you look at alternatives to XSL - Use a URL plugin to get the data and have a FMP script add/update records as need be by parsing out the raw XML response via a custom function. http://www.briandunning.com/cf/1
  4. i'm doing some finds on a field where there search value could be some odd characters. i've tried adding "quotes" around the search as well. ex: [search for "nurse's room"] $cmd->addFindCriterion('afield', '"'.$var.'"'); but it doesn't help, i get a 401 error. if i go into FMP client and run the same search i get back what i expect.
  5. i ended up using code like this... // perform find $result = $cmd->execute(); // get results $records = $result->getRecords(); $records[0]->getField('FName');
  6. i am working on a site where i am expecting to get back a single row as the result of a search. i know how to iterate thru all the rows using foreach ($response->getRecords() as $record ) {} and I have used this to get a single record by id $record = $fm->getRecordById('sku_web', $_GET['id']); but i'm just not sure on the syntax to get the first record from the getRecords() array. thanks andy
  7. drew - use a loop to go thru larger datasets... set variable $max = patterncount ( $xml ; "Product" ) set variable $ctr = 0 loop set variable $ctr = $ctr + 1 set variable $product = ExtractData ( $xml ; "Product" ; $ctr ) ... begin process each product... new record/request set field 1 = ExtractData ($product ; "1" ; 1 ) set field 2 = ExtractData ($product ; "2" ; 1 ) ... end process each product ... exit loop if $max = $ctr end loop Using Acme, you may hit a 64k limit on data if pulling back large sets of XML data.
  8. you may find our UPS solution to be of interest. no need for OBDC, server advanced, PC for mac-only shops, etc. http://www.nrgsoft.com/products/ Requires fmp7 client or greater and runs on mac or windows with full support for UPS hardware like thermal printers and digital scales.
  9. for wireless usb check out the symbol ds3478 - very rugged and reliable.
  10. drew - check out this custom function we wrote for parsing xml. http://www.briandunning.com/cf/1 You may also be interested in our FedEx certified solution which allow for simple fedex shipping, rates and tracking integration with full support for thermal printers and digital scales. (we have similar tools for UPS and DHL) http://www.nrgsoft.com/products/
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