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  1. Thanks in advance for reading my problem and providing your input, here we go: I have 2 test fields, Text field A and Text field B. Text field A, is set as Drop-down list and the "Include "Edit.." box is checked to allow users to add values. What I want to do is, when a value is selected or new value is added in Text field A, Text file B (which is also set up as a Drop-down list with Edit box checked) will only drop down a value list that is somehow pre-associated with the vale in Text field A and if there is none, it will just show a blank field allowing uses to Edit and add new value
  2. I have installed and uninstaller FMP countless time, still same error and each with its own license code and 5 single copies. the file I am trying to share is the "Research Notes" template that comes with FMP 8.5 with just some more text field added. thx
  3. I apologize Wim Decorte for my ignorance, I am new to setting up FileMaker Server. I have never done so before, so please bare with me. This is the screen I get when I load FMS and the pop up box when I click on the FileMaker Server Icon. I put in IP as I was playing with different IPs, btw. Under the Services(Local) I see FileMaker Server 8 and FileMaker Server 8 Helper. Not sure what SAT tool is. Under Event Viewer (Local) -->FileMaker Server 8 is blank, nothing inside. Hope you can help me from here. Again, sorry for my lack of knowledge. Thanks
  4. Oh, thx for clearing that out. btw, when I select and press connect, I get error msg: Could not connect to FileMaker Server "(".??
  5. I am a little confused over as to what the (localhost) address is suppose to be when you load FileMaker Server 8, the first pop-up dialog that asks you to connect. By default it is I have tried the IP of the computer I am trying to host it says: Could not connect to FileMaker Server "(X.X.X.X)". Is it not that I am trying to setup the computer as a server to host the database?? so why do I have to connect, others connects to me?? What IP is suppose to go in there? Thanks
  6. Sorry if I offended anyone by posting in other forums, I just wanted to get more input on this problem as I am frustrated with this problem and other. I was hoping atleast one person had a fix to my problems. I did not know the same people were present in different forums. Do not get me wrong this forum has been very helpful and I really appreciate it. LaRetta, yes I did misunderstood your post when you said colour, I though it only applied to colour but now you have made yourself very clear and appreciate that. As always MS is to blame. Again, I am sorry for posting in other for
  7. Is it possible to merge multiple (4) database into one, daily with FMA 8.5 Advance? I know FM has peer to peer networking but I am having troubles with it more here So as an alternative, I am planning on merging the database at the end of the day everyday. Thanks
  8. Colour is not much of an issue for me. Lee, I did create a new database with just "Text" field and again copied text from web and microsoft word and pasted using Clrl+V, still unformatted text is pasted
  9. I also enabled IWP and it works fine, can open database on all computers. Still get the same error with filemaker network, even when all IWP members have logged off....
  10. just one file. Yes, each copy has its own code, got 5 actually. Yes accessing thru Open-->Remote
  11. I have some quick questions regarding a peer to peer network with FileMaker Pro 8.5 Advanced with Windows XP and 4 computers. One being host and 3 other clients. Here comes the firing round: 1. Can the host while hosting use filemaker and the same database which is being hosted as normal operation (add/delete/edit) to the database? 2. Can the host also play around with the layout while the database is being hosted and accessed by clients? Thats all I can think about, will keep adding question when they come up. Thanks for playing.
  12. ops, seems like I talked too soon. Today, when I asked more than one person to login, the first person opened the file no problem, but after that I get same error message:"File Name" could not be opened. The host's capacity was exceeded, try again later. Also, under host computer I see that only one person is logged in. Yes, it is FileMaker Pro 8.5 Advanced and I have 5 accounts created with full access. Thanks
  13. READ POST #4 ----> ops, nevermind. I think I figured it out. did not make accounts and passwords for clients. another thing, if the host computer user need to access the database file on the host computer, can he just edit/access/read/add/delete records on the database which is open and running for clients or the host computer is not allowed to do anything with that database file?
  14. Hello, I am trying to set up a peer to peer network with FileMaker Pro 8.5 Advance in Windows XP. I know that this version is limited to 5 clients. On the host, I have granted full access in privileges for filemaker network and also enabled sharing with TCP/IP also given network access to "All users". When I goto a client computer and try to access through "Open Remote" and type in the IP and file name, I get an error message: "File Name" could not be opened. The host's capacity was exceeded, try again later. This is while NO one or clients are accessing the file, just the host has
  15. When I try just Ctrl+V, it just pastes without the original formatting. Plain text for everything. This is why I originally asked, how do I retain the original formatted text? By formatted, I mean mainly font, font size, bold, italics and underline. Thankfully, not tab. Thanks
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