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  1. following this guide I attempted to create a DB with one more subsumed level [ideally I'd like 2 subsumptions], as I'm attempting to create a DB with Tests/TestName/TestResult/TestResultText The value list condition I set was Table3:LevelThreeItem Include items related from 2nd table (labeled Items in your example). In Layout mode I have tried using Table1(list) and Table2(aka Item) list and do not get the third level option to show (says missing values, although I created values for Table3 ) So obviously I didn't understand the concept well enoug
  2. I've been soaking this thread up and loving it. Then came to Harry's last post and pfffffff when the balloon I'd like to thank Harry for sparking this repartee (not "repartay" and pardon the parens !) and wish he'd have been able enjoy the philosophical swordplay. I'm so new to this that the cushions still smell of chemical freshner-- and I really appreciate hearing the back and forth about best practice.
  3. So, after much thinking about what you said, EOS and COMMENT I've read about and drawn many entity relationship diagrams, worked on a very basic model, and have attached it. At least some of the relationships I was trying to define are now working! Obviously I'm not even skimming the surface. But, this is FUN! Eos, I do have questions for you about your schema what did you envision as possible values for "test items"? Were you thinking (Week 2 Test---- questions in week2 test)? do you see anything in my solution that would require a test item table? The test results / result section
  4. Many thanks, eos- just saw the posting. I've downloaded and will try to wrap my head around the RG. thanks for the time you've taken to help me understand. besten Dank u. mfG
  5. Have attached what I've been playing with so far. I'm sure i have more questions than this, but here goes: patient-- don't really understand how to associate patientID / to HLID (our internal patient number), and individual tests in the Tests table Why isn't the tesst name showing up in the browsemode (or in the calculation for the CreateTheReport table? If a test has an assigned number (Say 1 = jak2) -- how can I either select TestNumber or TestName and have the other columns lookup the value? How can the tests_Laboratory be set to look-up and fill with the lab name if test name
  6. The possible results for a test are many pos/neg/mutated/unmutated/suspicious/fail, etc For each patient specimen, a specific test can have one result MrSmith--Jak2--Positive, Homozygous currently we have 5 labs. patients can have tests in more than one lab and more than one test within a lab --- we've decided to leave the linkage of (if TestA is negative, automatically do TestB) out of the FM solution initially patients can be tested over time, such that tests / results for each isolated test would need to be captured as some of the tests have quant
  7. Hello all. Have been working with FM for a bit, but still have very basic problems with relationships— help appreciated. Background Work in a laboratory and am needing to create a db w/ labs, tests, and report content Functionality: The user example: tech from LabID= 2 (Molecular lab) ) should be able to select TESTS from the lab in question example: JAK2 test then select the result ( positive / negative etc)
  8. Just updated from FM10 AdvPro to FM11 AdvP. I have a DB(from v.10) with very specialized vocab; with upgrade the dictionary is, of course, without my laboriously managed library. Can I find and import my v10 library to v11? Where might I find it? How would I do that? TIA
  9. Are we assuming you have tried the Database Design Report under the Tools bar.....?
  10. This is a leap in the right direction for me, thanks! I spent the weekend reading about relationships and came up with something "close" but missing the JOIN tables, which make all the difference. Need to read more on how that works. Thanks for your help!
  11. Thanks, Peter. I've looked at this and think it's way beyond my knowledge scope.... anyone have any work-arounds for a newbie?
  12. In trying to create a patient/disease database for use in my blood pathology practice I am running into problems. My intent is to have patient information and Disease/diagnosis. Selecting a diagnosis should bring up salient criteria/features of the disease for viewing, classification criteria and an industry standard diagnosis "checklist". Classification schemes vary with organ systems; schemes and checklists will version-change with time. The Patient Table includes items such as NameFirst, NameLast, DOB The confusion is in how to create the disease side of the database; I may b
  13. I was "doe in the headlights" when I found this out-- the option to manually change the serial number is logical. Thanks for the help!
  14. Somehow I have a duplicate in an auto-enter serial, indexed "PatientID"... so that "sally" and "dick" have the same ID number; sally's tests are really dick's (with one modifiable exception), and dick's are dick's. Question 1: what happens if I delete "sally" (will Dick's records disappear?) 2: can I merge the records and make sally disappear without losing all of the information which is valid to Dick's medical record? hope this makes sense...
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