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  1. Hello FaM - Hope you are well as we prepare for another 15" of snow.... on top of the 30" we got Saturday.... I am trying to make the web viewer use a flash player to play audio through the web viewer... The HTML code below works fine through Safari and Firefox directly (as an Open File), but will not play through the web viewer. Either the WV doesn't like something (like my code) or the WV just won't work with this.... I am hoping it's just my ability and not THE ability (of the WV)... Can you either see an error in my code (which, again works fine from a file), or point me to another pl
  2. More still.... okay... I think I'm almost there... it was simple AND stupid (me that is)... I had a new record step at the beginning of the session AND when they hit the order button - that was moving me off the record I made WITHOUT then submitting (Committing Record) so it was related to NO record and thus showing no info.... COUPLED with (I hate it when there are two problems and you're only looking for one! arrrrrggggg...), coupled with the layout referring to the data db instead of the presentation db that had the fields already set to look at the data db....so it was referring back to it
  3. It's always good to point out the obvious - at least to me! Sometimes I'm looking too deep and it usually is the simplest thing.... I did check that a couple days ago and switched it from relative to specific... actually, I wonder if that is when I started having a problem...hmmmmmm... it's currently set locally to fmnet:/ Should work okay... I just noticed on the status bar (on the IWP, not the FM db) that when I open the browser to the home page it shows one record (that's all I need in the presentation db) BUT when I click on the web bu
  4. New Info - I tried to make a new record from my presentation site and I got the following error message - "The page at says:Database Not Open: Unable to process your request because the database "" is not open." So it's not even seeing the data - databse... hmmm... that's strange... they are both being hosted IWP on FMSA... and I can get to both of them separately....
  5. rheinport - thanks so much for the response. I originally cloned the file to use as a front for the database (therefore it is an exact replica - the basic presentation vs data setup) while keeping the related database in the background, so their settings are (almost) identical from a privilege perspective... AND I made them identical to rule that out, which I did...I can get to the data file DIRECTLY if I go to it and it works fine... it must be in my relationship...my wife always told me I was bad with relationships.... I think I need more sleep...sleep...sleep... WAIT! Conference call in 15
  6. Greetings FMers... Running on FM10 FMSA; FM files work fine in the relationship... but on browsers, on all fields.... IWP on for both files (presentation and data dbs) is turned on ... I gotta be missing something simple.... if you have a moment, any thoughts would be apprecaited... Royce
  7. Michael - The reason it is blowing through is because you are calling it from the MIDDLE of another script (code before and code after) so as soon as the second script is done it returns to the first script (automatically) to start executing the first script where it left off when it branched out to your Perform Script subroutine. One solution is to finish the first script before you call a second script (I usually only use calls to other scripts to run simple routines that will finish and return to the main one and therefore not "stack" paused scripts which can be a bear for the u
  8. Morning Michael - Hope you are well. A couple of things... 1. I am assuming that you repeating the script (you duplicated the script there twice) in the "The second bit of script is the pop window" is simply a posting error so I am taking the first half of the second script as the second script. 2. Is the window that comes up reading - "Do you want to VIEW compliance reports for this facility or CREATE a new one?" If so, you are blowing through the Form Selection Window Script (called in Line 5 of your first script - 'Perform Script [ “Form Selection Window” ]') becau
  9. You can set up multiple conditions Under a Conditional Formatting for an object... So set up one for each color you want and then make the Formula choose which to display. Let's say you want Red, Green and Blue, set a variable in your script, call it $$ChangeColor (or whatever), that you set to be the color you want through the script... Then your Formula under Conditional Formatting is set with three (3) conditions / formulas, IF($$ChangeColor = "RED") It runs this condition, IF($$ChangeColor = "BLUE", than this condition, etc. There's probably a more elegant way to do this, but this is how I
  10. Well, I woke up this morning with a start saying "it can't be that simple" (knowing full well it had to be that simple). Now either I haven't made this error in a long time, a long long time (to quote Obi wan) - OR, it's not supposed to work this way! The relationship I had set up is - Quantity (Quote) = Quantity (inventoryprices) AND Item number (Quote) = itemnumber (inventoryprices) I switched the order of the relationship to be Item number (Quote) = itemnumber AND Quantity (Quote) = Quantity (inventoryprices) So now item number is first. I am assuming that the
  11. ID - Yes I can see how to make that work - thanks... but I also need to figure out why it's not doing what it should be doing (I want to know the logic behind why it's not happening so I can be a better FM programmer!) - so I need to keep digging....any other thoughts? Any one? Thanks...
  12. Greetings friends and fellow FileMakers... I need your help please... I have a quotes database, an inventory database a quoteitems database (to build the specific product line for each quote) and a pricebyquantity database. Since the price of our products changes by quantity, I don't have a single price for an inventory item, I usually have 25 different price points, from 10 to a million. So I need to reach from the quote, thru the inventory to the pricebyquantity (PBQ). No sweat. But I have a problem. If I ask for the price of the itemnumber by one of the actual price points in PBQ (like
  13. I think the New DEVCON mascot should be called..... Al (that's AL)... ... ... .. .. ... . .. .
  14. That's because I am elliptical........ actually, when a small child, my life was change by an elliptical oculus with a splayed limestone embrasure..what a sight......do we have to work today? AND what the heck are Vanilla Clusters?? I had some for breakfast...very strange.... I gotta stop using Agave sweetener...... somebody pass the coffee..... SELF = Get(BrainDamage); Exit.....
  15. AI...that's Albert Ignoramus.... yea, I'm always delirious, too.... Okay - I guess an event trigger is right, but not so much as we think of a stand alone event trigger as much as a totally dynamic, on-the-fly, set any other step as needed, step. Imagine a script where each step is an "Evaluate" type of step...in essence, you could have a script with 20 "evaluate steps" (or a let function with a bunch of case evaluates...snicker....)....and each step changes based on what ran before based on what was passed to it based on what was defined based on....you get the idea.. you can code for any pot
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