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  1. I am publishing a database solution via IWP that consists of project tasks. Each project manager can edit their tasks within a portal to the tasks table. I haven't been able to re-produce the problem on my end, but I have print screens from the one user showing how the drop-down fields, and subsequently their values, remain static on the page, while everthing else moves as appropriate with left/right or up/down scrolling in edit moe=de. Has anyone else seen anything like this or know how I can alleviate it? Thanks in advance. P.S.The browser with the problem and mine without are both IE
  2. I recently uninstalled Server 7 Advanced and updated my Windows 2003 Standard Edition with Service Pack 2. I then re-installed Server 7 Advanced, but I can't access the Admin Console now. Does anyone have any idea why my Admin Console is not accessible? WPC and CWPE & CONFIG all reside on the same Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition with SP2 running IIS 6. The Server and Server Admin are 7.0v3. The Server and Server Admin work fine. I simply cannot access http://localhost/fmi/config Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. If it presents too much of a risk, I am resolved to manage the passwords myself. Please let me know if you think of anything.
  4. The users are local users belonging to applicable groups with the "log on as a service" user right. I am mainly looking for a way to have the users take ownership of their passwords. Any suggestions?
  5. Does anyone know if there is a way to enforce password changes with External Authentication from IWP connections? If this is not possible, how about a recommendation on a strategy involving passord changes that would not be so labor intensive from an administrator's perspective?
  6. Is it possible to have one database contain all access privileges and have other databases reference it? I have two databases with a large amount of mutually exclusive users that I need to allow to both now. Does any one know of a way to automate this? Incidentally, the majority of the users access the databases via IWP over the internet.
  7. I am under the impression that they can be edite, or at the very least a new file can authored/created based upon an existing file. I have a database that tracks monthly benchmark performance and I want to utilize the charting function to better represent trends without digging into the data. The sample files (WV.html and WV.swf) from FileMaker allow me to do this, but I need to customize the line chart to my formatting needs. I have two barriers: 1) I don't know all the syntax needed to manipulate the existing .swf file (e.g. axis labels, background colors). 2) I think that
  8. Can anyone recommend any inexpensive software for editing .swf files? I only need to edit the files themselves to customize the rendering of charts within a web viewer. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional would be overkill. Any thoughts?
  9. Perhaps I did not make myself clear. This is a slightly different issue. The file is being accessed from the same machine that is doing the hosting and the files are in place. The charts are not rendered. Any thoughts? The charts are rendered correctly in the application itself, but not via a web browser (on the same machine that is hosting the file via IWP).
  10. I am publishing a local database created with Pro 8.5 with IWP. It has two web viewers. One contains a URL for an external web site and works nicely. The other is a chart using the wv.html and wf.swf files from the Web Viewer Charting Example download from FileMaker. When viewing the database with the application, the charts display fine, but I cannot access them from a web browser. I split out the web viewer from the tab so that is not the reason. Any ideas on why this is happening would be extremely welcome.
  11. I am experimenting with Web Viewer in Pro 8.5 and I am able to access the web viewer hosted locally via IWP. Does anyone know if the web viewer functionality will work with IWP on a server running Server 7 Advanced?
  12. I am having a problem seeing the charts with IWP. I can see them plainly with Pro 8.5, but not with a browser. All I see is a black background instead of the chart. Any thoughts?
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