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  1. OK so I got a basic test working. If anybody knows how this can be improved or better coded, that's be great too! nudge.fp7.zip
  2. That seems so close to what I'm looking for. I will have a try at using a sliding object and see where that goes.
  3. Hi folks, I have a layout that is a template for printing CD labels. It never fails, however, that whenever I use it, it appears the whole layout needs slight tweaking to line-up properly with the CD labels I am printing on to. Since my file has users locked out of entering Layout mode, is there a way to somehow script buttons that can nudge all the objects on the layout up or down and left or right, by tiny increments, like say a few pixels? Currently the only solution is to enter Layout mode and select all the objects and manually nudge them. But if this could be accompl
  4. I made a slight tweak to comment's example above... His is the simplest implementation of this I have seen, but instead of using conditional formatting on a field, I'm using a layout object (a button) to highlight the whole row instead. Please Filemaker, just make row highlighting native in a future version! HighlightActiveRecord9.zip
  5. Genius! I didn't even think to add that... So I just added to my search script a step that now uses a local variable that adds the * before and after the users search string... Much simpler than exploding!! Thanks!
  6. So I just realized that finding/searching in FMPro is quite limited... If I have a field with the text, "Adobe InDesign" and I perform a find for "Design" there are no results. I understand from searching this forum now that this is because FMPro searches for words that start with... I have also seen some posts here about using custom functions to explode the field. My question is, is there a simple workaround to enable searches/finds using partial data? Are these explode custom functions the only way? I ask because I have created a Search field, sort of like Safari's browser h
  7. There are IDs in there too... here's a really basic example of what I mean... names_list.zip
  8. Hi. I can't find out how to do this, but I have a value list that is used in a Drop Down menu. The value list is populated by a "Name" field. So, every Name from every record is in the Value List and Drop Down menu. What I want is to have the Drop Down Menu display only the Names from the current found set of records, instead of all records all the time. Is this possible, and if so how is it done? Thanks for any help.
  9. Hi Soren... Found this solution of yours and it looks great.. I am trying to do a similar thing, but use FM9 and was wondering if you had an easier/better way?
  10. Yes I know, I just don't have windows... Thankfully B)
  11. Thanks for your response comment... I tried the Recover method, and it did not actually remove the left-over PDF/Print title... I tried to edit it out in a text editor and confirmed that it corrupted the file's admin/access priveleges. So it would seem the only method is to open it in Windows and do a print there... Unfortunately I have no access to windows running a copy of FM Pro... Oh well, I don't understand why they haven't addressed this "known" bug with two and a half major updates since it appeared (v8, v8.5 and v9)B)
  12. I hope this is the right forum to ask this question... On my Mac, I often want to create a PDF of a report. I usually do this by choosing to Print the report, and selecting Save As PDF from the Mac's built-in Print dialog. My question is, everytime I do this, when I'm asked to name and save the PDF, the "Save As" name field is pre-filled with an old name from a PDF report I may have made from my database years ago! It's always the same old name too. It's bizarre because there are no fields I know of in my database that would store this info, and this is appearing in the Mac OS's
  13. Thanks veteran and Lee. Your posts helped me achieve what I was trying to do...
  14. I'm using repeating fields because the Field is "Author" but there are often more than one author. What else would I use? There's a Song Title - that's one field... There's the Author - that's a repeating field (jn case there's more than one) There's a Percentage - a repeating field similar to author, the percentage represents the percent of each person's authorship. Example: Song: "My Great Song #1" Author(s): John Smith, Jane Doe Percent: 75%, 25% Then this data may be presented on a layout like: "My Great Song #1" written by John Smith (75%) and Jane Doe (25%)
  15. I can't figure this one out easily... I have a repeating field, say it's for people's names and has 5 repetitions. I want to display them on a layout as a Merge Field... My question has to do with commas, and periods... If I type: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>. This method will work, but if I only had two names entered in the original field, it would look like this: John Smith, Jane Doe,,,. My question is how to I get it to display the correct grammar, so to speak. I don't know if there's an easy way or if some sort of calculations need to be devised. Any help
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