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  1. Thats it. Thanks to all of you . I have been trying to do this for a while. Now I have something to work with and study. Very grateful Dave
  2. Is there a way to script within the viewer to add multiple points on a google map. Say 200 or so from my database. I would like to do this in the web viewer. Has anyone sucessfully done this? Thanks
  3. is there a way to use foxfire or some other browser in the viewer and use that alone?
  4. I need to write a script to get a different configuration. This is for the AOL yellowpages Oneida Suzuki 315-363-3872 • 434 Lenox Ave, Oneida,NY There is no zip in this one but the company is the first line and the phone is the second line. How do I get the phone number from the second line. Thanks Dave
  5. Thank you both very much . I still have black space I need to get rid of to the left of the address and I need to take the "(" and ")" out of the phone number and put in a "-" after the area code. Thanks Dave
  6. Hello From the internet I have an address like this Spring Farm Cares Address: 3364 State Route 12, Clinton, NY 13323 Phone: (315) 737-0829 They are in the yellow pages so they are always this way I want to take out the word "Address:" and "phone" and put Spring Farm Cares into a field "Company" 3364 State Route 12 into a field called "Address" Clinton into a field called "City" NY into a field called "STATE" and (315) 737-0829 into a field called phone They are always in this format. But my problem is that they have different amount of words before the
  7. Hello I am wondering if there is a way to script toggling from list view to table view and form view. I would like to make a button to do that without leaving the present layout. I just don't see how to do it. Thanks Dave
  8. I appreciate the help very much. I am grateful for all of it. However, my client wants the look but not the buttons and the list but be able to sort. I do not have a file I can show you except the screenshots because the old database was extremely tied to thousands of scripts. Now I am at this point. I have an understanding of a table and a list form. I see that the table sorts as I would like then I return to the list and it is right. I am not sure there is any way to script going from list view to table view. I would hope so. The trailing grand summary can work with a list view. As SOON
  9. If I use the table view it is exactly what I want but I can't put a summary footer on the last page, and I need one. Thanks
  10. The table view works perfectly and I can sort but how do I put a header and a grand summary on a table view? Dave
  11. I have included screen shots from the old database. I inherited their report that they like but they just want to be able to sort it somehow. This is for a business that does leak detection on properties. They keep track of the location , type of leak and gallons per day losses. There are between 1 and 200 leak locations and with their header and the footer it can be as long as 4 pages. I have written over the old report in the graphics I am attaching here so you can see what I am trying to loose in the old database. The old file has like 2000 fields in one record. so it never could be sorted
  12. my client has a report of a whole bunch of inspections they make. We put the data into filemaker but sometimes they need the report chronologically, sometimes they want it alphabetically, and sometimes they want it from a map. So we input the data but we need a way to report it several different ways. Dave
  13. it would accomplish having a sort in the first table and bringing that sort to the repeating fields in the second table. That is my reason for this topic. thanks Dave
  14. Hello I have 2 tables " input" and "report" In "input" i have as many records needed to make a report but usually around 50 to 100 records. but in "report" " i have one record with 200 repeating fields . I have done this so I can sort records different ways in "input" since ( i don't know of a way to sort fields in repeating fields) then export them in that sort order to the repeating fields of "report". I am not sure I am doing this the best way. I need to have these records sorted in the first table but in the second " report" table they just need to flow in that order int
  15. Hi I have a 44 kb file on the mac side. I used the developer utility to make a runtime version and it says it is 70.4m Is this normal? It seems awfully big to me. Thanks Dave
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