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  1. Hi Iain, Looks like you got cutoff, but yes, the Insert File worked whereas Insert PDF did not. It's all happy now. Thank you to everybody who helped me. Greg
  2. Hi Comment, I never had a problem creating the PDF or where it went - that was all fine - yep, I use the correct file path. Target field was the active layout object too. What was not working was the actual Insert PDF command. Debugging gave me a File Missing (100) error on that step whether I used variables or fixed locations. I tried many combinations. I tried an Insert File instead and it worked fine first time. Thanks for that idea. I'm not sure why Insert PDF is not working, and I will follow this up later. Thank you for helping me get it working. Greg
  3. Hi there, Thanks for getting back to me. Getting the PDF file to save to a disk location hasn't been a problem ($fpath), but inserting it into a container field is eluding me. Unless I'm doing something wrong, the Insert PDF command only allows a string to be entered - file path etc - not a [container] field to copy/move it to. What am I missing please? Greg
  4. Good morning. I have a solution that generates a PDF from a series of tables, appending various pages to the report. Sending it via email is fine, even saving it to a fixed file location, but I am experiencing difficulty in being able to save it in a container field so the user should be able to click on it and view this PDF on the screen. How do I save this please? I don't get an error in the solution (or script debugger), it just doesn't appear in the field. Any suggestions please? Many thanks in advance too. Greg
  5. Hi Josh, Thanks for responding. Yes, I understand how that any tool that can break the encryption password may defeat the purpose, but thought that FM may offer a service. I cannot categorically 100% say that it is corrupt, but it was only a problem after an update on FMI/AWS. That instance does not allow any other tools that may interfere so I am at a loss as to why it happened. The encryption occurred early in the solution development when I uploaded the file to FMI and has not been closed until this update occurred, so the backups that are there also fail to open. As the file worked until the closing and update process, it points more towards the password I supplied being wrong - as opposed to a FM fault. Either way, it is frustrating and wish there was a way around it. I thank everybody for their comments on this. I've mostly redeveloped the solution (with improvements! ) so let's look at dark clouds with silver linings. Cheers, Greg
  6. Hi Olger, I completely agree with you re the security - no problem with that at all. Just be nice if there was a method to recover or reset it. I rarely forget or misplace passwords, but I'm only human after all - unless this is a file corruption thing. Problem was after FMI rebooted (required updates) the file wouldn't even open up on the host - reporting that the encrypted password was wrong. All other files were fine. FMI did report errors after that reboot and said that some service wasn't running and it took a minute or so before it worked - I was worried at that point!. The files that were open prior to the reboot all came back up automatcially, but just not this one - so I am not sure what went wrong. The file was open and working prior to the restart of FMI, it just wouldn't open up afterwards. I'm not suggesting it was FMI's fault, but something broke during that process for it not to open it. Something in FMI must be looking at the encryption password in the solution to see it as incorrect/wrong - so the point of reference (FMI) and/or the solution must have changed for it to break. This is the question I have put to FM. They have been really helpful and are looking into it. Cheers, Greg
  7. Hi Olger, You're right about being able to disable it and how it would defeat the purpose, but I thought maybe FM had a tool to reverse it - unless it is a one way process - which would make it extremely secure. The host needed rebooting due to some update it had to apply and since then the host cannot start the solution as it reports the encrypted password to be wrong. If I could open it locally I would manually copy everything across to a new file locally then upload it again. I'm almost (not entirely I admit) certain that I used the same encryption password thatI used on the other files but unless that password can become corrupted or I've simply used something else, then I'm stuck. I've tried uploading it to my local FMS17 server where there is an option in Developers Tools to save a solution and remove/reset the EAR, but you require the original one to do that - makes sense too I guess. Very frustrating. Most likely my fault though I'm thinking. Just painful to do the whole lot again. Greg
  8. Good afternoon, I know this post is getting old, but I was wondering if anybody has been able to reset or remove the encryption password from a solution that was hosted in Filemaker Cloud? I understand if it's not a user-servicable thing and Filemaker themselves need to do it. Greg
  9. Hi Comment, Thank you. Loud and clear. lol I am using the portal method and it works fine, but I was revisiting another part of a solution (I inherited) that had the repeating fields and was probably just wasting time trying to find a solution to it. Let's close this one. I shouldn't be wasting time anyway. Thanks again. Greg
  10. Hi Comment, Thank you, and yes, you are right - a portal would be a better approach. The problem here was becoming more theoretical and experimental to me now than anything. Cheers, Greg
  11. Good afternoon, (I'm not sure this is the right section, but seemed the most appropriate that I can find.) I have three fields ("type", "client", and "expense"). Each field has 10 repetitions. I have a button that will clear out the n'th repetition of all three fields - so the whole line is blanked should the user need to do so. What I would like to do is then remove that empty line, moving all the data from all subsequent fields "up" one. (n-1), thus keeping the list compact and free of blank lines. I did write a loop that did this, but it was very clumsy, and thought that somebody may know of a cleaner way using existing functions and smarter (than my-) logic to achieve this please? Many thanks in advance if anybody has any ideas. Greg
  12. Good evening. I have several solutions in my FM Cloud instance and they all work fine - having been uploaded a few months ago. If I have need to download them, I extract them with the EAR password that I initially put up there. A few weeks back I uploaded another solution, and it may or may not have asked me to supply an encryption password - I honestly don't remember. Now I have need to download this newer solution, but the encryption password I originally setup does not work. I downloaded other files and could access them, but not this one. If I did supply a password when I uploaded it, I would have used the password that I have recorded for the other files. Having read through the forum there appears to be no way to remove this encryption, but is there anything I can do with the file still hosted (and working) to change this password, or perhaps disable the EAR password on certain files? Cheers, Greg
  13. Hi Olger. lol - yes me again. Yep - took it down off FMS, made changes then uploaded it again. Problem occurs even if I don't upload it again. If I were to guess, I would say that there was some sort of corruption in this file that reverted the settings back when the solution is opened. I have tried this with other new, test solutions and not had the issue. Vewwy vewwy strange!
  14. Good afternoon, I have a client who has an issue with one of their solutions. Within the File Sharing settings, the Peer-to-Peer sharing is On and the option to display on Host is disabled. I am certain that the P2P sharing needs to be off and that I DO want to have it 'visible' from the Host, so I will DISABLE this 'hide' setting. The problem is that when I change these settings, and close the file, that the settings go back to what they were when I re-open. FMP users also get the Network Sharing error message when they first open the solution. I have taken it off the FMS when changing these settings, tried a Recover, tried all sorts of things. Has anybody encountered this problem before and might know what causes it to do this? Filemaker Tech Support even scratched their heads and have suggested doing a Recover, Clone Mode etc, but this did not fix it. Greg
  15. Good evening. This is a tricky one and may be a "limitation" (aka feature of IOS), but I am all ears if anybody has any ideas... My solution is for counting products, and it is recommended that user employ a bluetooth scanner (which acts as a keyboard "wedge"). The only way (as far as I can tell) for the scanner to input information to the solution is through a field currently in focus, but the OSK also displays at the same time(wedge), taking up (x) pixels at the bottom of the screen and hiding the lower part of the solution. Turning OSK off (Enable Touch Keyboard [Off]) disables the ability to enter data through a field from the scanner - even if Go To Field is used in a script. I admit to having tried many combinations of the Enable Touch keyboard command and script triggers on that field, but to no avail. Through much fiddling and fluke, I have occasionally come to a point where I only get the Previous, Next, "stack" "O" +/- and Done on the bottom of the screen - taking up minimum screen real estate, and I can access the field, but not been able to do this consistently. I would rather not have this here either but it is a slightly different state than the full OSK so thought it worth mentioning. I'm thinking that rather than fighting with IOS on this that perhaps there is another way to do this. Has anybody got any ideas that would allow me to scan into a field without this OSK giving me grief. All feedback welcome. Thanks. Greg
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