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  1. Good evening @comment, @jbrownand @Josh Ormond, I appreciate your contribution to this question - it has been educational (and I'm not being sarcastic) seeing seasoned developers discuss this topic. Thank you for your time. Greg
  2. Hi Comment, Attached is a skeleton of the file I am trying to get working. Rather than botch up the terminology here and confuse readers (because I know I already am), this file has the short script defining the variables - which all work OK, then in a commented section below, what I would like the JSON data to look like. My query is about how to nest and embed the various sections to make it right within Filemaker. This is the bit that's stumping me. I tried - just to see (and this is just a very basic example)- of placing one of the created variables within another JSONSetElement
  3. Hi Comment, thanks for responding. (Yes, I thought it to be invalid too but the vendor swears its 100% correct.) The problem I am having is the FM script syntax to actually create this nesting for the inner structure. It is eluding me - spent hours on it with crazy results. Greg
  4. Good afternoon, I am trying to generate the JSON lines found in the attached file, yet I am experiencing problems and would like some assistance please in generating the JSON data in the attached file. I can create the main "outer" layer such as the first GUID, CompletedDate etc is OK, as well as the Supplier and the 3 entries under there, however, when I "resume" the outer layer again, and then try to create the PurchaseOrderLines and everything below that, it all turns to mush. My attempts to do so by inserting JSONSetElements again give me errors saying something similar to not
  5. Good morning, I have written a(/n? lol) FM solution for a client where I need to display a dashboard - a regularly updated screen of the status of all things within. I am looking to find a good solution on the best way to display this file on a large television. I know that I could setup a dedicated PC (NUC, laptop, or otherwise) connect to the television via HDMI and have FMP autologin so that when the computer is powered up it goes straight to the dashboard, but thought there may be a smarter (cheaper and smaller) way to achieve the same thing. Now I have done extensive work with
  6. Haha - I believe in magic, but want NO part of it when doing code. Prefer consistency. I don't understand either, but as the output code was the same it HAS to have the same result. Thanks Comment.
  7. Good morning. Thank you both again for your assistance with this. What ended up working was formatting the data command with: JSONSetElement ( "{}" ; ... rather than JSONSetElement ( "" ; ... From what I've seen in other examples when reading forums, I have seen them used interchangeably with the same results. As the resulting text appeared the same whenI ran it (its quite robust) - go figure. Anyway, it's working now and I'm happy. Thank you for your guidance. Greg
  8. Good morning Ocean West and Comment. Thankyou for your replies - I will go through these pages and see what I can do. Greg
  9. Good morning. I am trying to POST data to a system, and am experiencing difficulty in doing so. In the snippet below, I am easily able to upload the name, sale_price etc, but when it comes to "images" I am unsure how to format the line - whether it be a single image or several images. Could somebody please point me in the right direction for the syntax of such a command? curl -X POST https://example.com/site/products -u consumer_key:consumer_secret -H “Content-Type: application/json” -d ‘{ “name”: “Product name”, “sale_price”: “25.50”, “description”: “Body of text”,
  10. Comment, Perhaps I should have posted more information at the time - such as screen shots and maybe the file itself. My apologies if I muddied the waters at all. The solution you provided worked exactly how I wanted, but the error was mine in that I was not addressing the portals correctly. You still helped me resolve it. Greg
  11. Hi Comment, The error I made was refreshing the wrong portal name so the results never showed.
  12. Hi Comment. Problem fixed. I had applied the correct method all along, but there was a typo (doesn't matter how big or small though, does it?!) that had broken another part of the relationship. All working again. Thank you for your expertise once again. Ticket closed. Greg
  13. Hi Comment. The field with the command (fragment) for the filter portal is: t_Portal_Filter_By_Calc Which could contain text such as: "Product::QtyOnHand = 0" or "Product::QtyOnHand > 0" and then using that field in the portal filter command. Greg
  14. Hi Comment. I have a single Products table. Three of the fields in there are: Product Code (text), Description (text), and QtyOnHand (numeric). I also have a keyword search tool there - you can see from the PatternCount() command also there. I can display the various views, filters and keyword search results based on the same portal duplicated many times where the non "selected" ones are hidden but the portal filter command is straight forward but that is messy and not terribly smart. I figure that if I can parse all the smarts to the portal filter command then I can pretty m
  15. Hi Comment, I think I've misunderstood how that function works - I've checked the FM Help pages. If the text field that contains the text calculation I want to parse to the script reads "Product::QtyOnHand = 0" (without the quotes), when I Evaluate() it, the result is 1 - not literal text as I would like. How do I get the literal text out of that field and into the portal filter calculation please? Greg
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