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  1. Greg Hains

    Mac OS Mojave and FMPA 17

    Hi Josh, - rolling back is a big job - Recovery Mode etc. Was a brave move I admit - albeit a silly one. Thats OK - it only seems to be FM17 affected by the change. FM16 is working well. Thanks for posting.
  2. Good evening. I apologise in advance if this is not the most appropriate room for this discussion but I thought that somebody can move it if need be. I have had FMPA 17 on my Mac (High Sierra) since it was released - both worked fine for me - currently running 17.01.143. Perhaps over-ambitiously, I decided to load up the Beta of Mojave on my production machine. (did you just hear the fail tone?). When I start to work in layouts or scripts, the application crashes abruptly. The Mojave SP2 was released today and the Mac runs even better overall, but FM still dies a sudden death. Has anybody else experienced this? If so, is there a work around (and please don't preach to me about Beta OS on a production machine - it was a mistake yes, ), or if you've not installed Mojave yet, please wait until it's out of Beta. Just saying... Cheers, Greg
  3. Greg Hains

    Elapsed period query

    Thank you Olger - that worked a treat.
  4. Greg Hains

    Elapsed period query

    Hi Steve, Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately I couldn't get that to work - same result. I tried adding in null text at the end of the with the Case to see if it would make a difference. Nope. yr=Case(not IsEmpty(y); y & "y, "; ""); mt=Case(not IsEmpty(m); m & "m, "; "") 😕
  5. Good morning. I have the following custom function in my solution, but would like it modified. It will calculate the elapsed time in years, months and days between two dates. It works fine, however, i want it to not display any zero units for years and months. For example. It will calculate two dates and produce "0y, 0m, 15d" when I would like only "15d". Also, the likes of a two dates where the result would be "2y, 0m, 3d" to just be "2y, 3d". I do want to keep the days, even when they are zero. eg. "1y, 0d". (Even if the two compared dates are the same, "0d" is required.) I am not sure how to add further logic into the last few lines to not insert text if those year and month values are zero. Could somebody point me i the right direction please? Thanks in advance. Greg Elapsed.txt
  6. Good morning. My apologies for a very late reply. Thank you for this idea BCooney - exporting to a temporary folder, then importing it back again. (I didn't look that far - I was thinking it could be imported directly from the field.) Cheers. Greg
  7. Greg Hains

    Counting fields in related table

    Perfect! Thank you very much Olger - that's what I was looking to achieve. Cheers, Greg
  8. Greg Hains

    Counting fields in related table

    Good evening Olger Thank you for your help on this - much appreciated. I was trying to get it one step further though by counting the instances of fields in Activity with contents of the Programme field - so the result on the Client page would be: Client ID 2 OR Records found 1 CC Records found 0 C2 Records found 4 That's what I couldn't get working correctly. Any ideas how I can narrow it down in the Activity table please? Greg
  9. Greg Hains

    Counting fields in related table

    Good evening. Could somebody please help me with this? Attached is a sample solution whereby I have two tables (Client and Activity) which are linked by a single field (Client_ID). I am trying to count the records in the second table (Activity) whose Programme (field) is "OR", "CC" or "C2" - as per the layout in the Client table. The solution attached is not complete, but I am unsure how to setup the relationship so that I can count these records. Currently I am only showing the total record count in Activity. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Greg Sample.fmp12
  10. Hi Docasar, I am trying to do a similar thing... I'd like to drop a CSV file into a (global) container field (for convenience rather than setting a path in concrete), then be able to read the contents of that file into one of the tables. I wasn't sure if I was able to read the contents directly (should be possible right?), but thought I could then export it back (was CSV) out to a known path (get(temporary path) in this case) then Import it back in. Whilst it's not the most elegant solution (double handling the file for sure), I was not sure how to Export it back to this temporary folder because I'm not saving an FM file - its a file within a container. Whatever the method, there must be a tricky way to import entries from a CSV that is already stored in a container field. I'm going to work on this over the next few days - if I find a solution I'll let you know. If one of you gurus out there already know a method I'm keen to learn. Thanks, Greg
  11. Greg Hains

    CURL question - API usage

    Hi Dan, Thankyou for this file. It looks great. I have sent you a private PM through FmForums as well. I have been also working with the provider in regards to the exact syntax they require. I probably wont hear back over the weekend but will get back to you once they do. Thanks for your help and look forward to working further on this question. Greg
  12. Greg Hains

    CURL question - API usage

    Thanks Dan. I have made further enquiries with the hosted service regarding the API syntax etc. I hope to hear back from them soon. I've sent you a private message with more details. Thanks, Greg
  13. Greg Hains

    CURL question - API usage

    Hi Dan, Thank you for responding. The API documentation I have been working through (not to mentioned the countless examples and Googled pages on CURL in general over the last 48 hours) is at https://apidocs.unleashedsoftware.com/. There is an API Key and an API ID (which, with all due respect, I cannot post publicly as it is for my client) issued by Unleashed - both of them longish alphanumeric strings. I was hoping to get more info about the raw text string sent to Unleashed's API sandbox (even if I used Wireshark. lol), but I was hoping there was a "standard" that may be used that would incorporate the likes of API keys. I realise to that this is a proprietary thing and probably not a general forum question, but thought there maybe a glimmer of hope in finding a solution. I will check out those websites you mentioned - thank you Cheers, Greg
  14. Good morning. I am trying to use FM16 to extract data through an API. It requires an API key and string to be sent, but don't see where in the "Insert from URL" syntax how it can be applied - I think I have the rest of the syntax working ok though. The PHP syntax (according to the host support team) say it is: $curl = getCurl($id, $key, $signature, $endpoint, $requestUrl, $format); I have all the details (I'm pretty sure) except the signature. I'm trying to use the native FM16 functions if possible - just to minimise third party products (although BaseElements may be OK) Could somebody please give me a clue as to the correct syntax I should be using? I'm happy to engage (and pay for) the services of somebody for a hour or two to sort this out for me. (I hope Im not breaking any forum rules here by doing this - I'll remove this if I am) Thank you in advance. Greg
  15. Greg Hains

    Do Find and Omit "clash"?

    Good evening. Once again I find myself stumbling over something that I think will turn out to be very simple. I seek the help of our Filemaker mentors for assistance. I have a table with about 3000 records in it. One of the fields is called "Type" and can contain any one of 7 different values" Another field is "Gender" (containing one of there values: Male, Female, Unstated") Another field ("Duration") is a numeric value that can be anything from 0 to 300 I want to Find records whose Gender is male (easy), the numeric value in a range (also easy), but exclude all records whose Type does NOT equal "Assessment". I found that I can Omit the "Assessment" records OK, but then unable to then constrain the set to show just Gender=Male and a Duration value of choice. After the Omit works, running a Find on the remaining records seems to undo the Omit. So, I tried the Omit stage after the Find of Gender and Duration - still no luck. It seems that a Find cancels out a previous Omit. One cannot do a Find on something that "does not equal" - it has to be an omit process. I am not going to do a Find on the other possible 6 values either - thats not a clean solution. I have been unable to find a solution through Googling on the correct procedure and usage of the Find/Omit tools to achieve what needs to be done. I'm sure it can be done, and I'm just missing something simple. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Greg

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