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  1. Hi everybody, On a form I have a list of cities. Each record contains only one name in it's "city" field. On a second layout I have placed a map of whole territory. I am pondering over a script to bring me to the location on the map corresponding to the record on the form. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  2. Yes, Should be very simple, but not for me. A frame like this should fit into the Specify find request window.
  3. Hi, everybody, One very basic question,I'm afraid a very stupid one too, but... How can I define a date range search in the Specify Find Request window using a script. Range symbol - that's fine. First and last dates of the interval are in two fields. The thing is I can not link them to work together and perform the find depending on the fields contents. It's a part of a larger script, so using Perform Find script step is desirable. Thanks and wish you all a nice day.
  4. Thank you both RodKp and mr_vodka As a newbie I'm supposed to read the FM Help more often. So I did it. I solved my problem using the example in "Identifying duplicates using self joined table" to mark the first record in each duplicate set as Unique. In addition a find for the Unique records is performed. It works now. I thank you for your effort. A community to rely on - it's a great feeling. nena
  5. Thanks for the quick response, RodKp Forgive me for not being specific enough. I need not just one record representing all the duplicates, but one from each set of duplicate records.
  6. Hallo, Here is the case. From the point of view of one field in my database most of the records are duplicates. They are grouped in sets of records with the same value in this field. I need to filter the records and display only one record (regardless which) having this value, but not to delete the rest. A script is to be used to automate the task. Would you help me with this?
  7. Hi everybody, I would ask for some help with date range search. Up to three time intervals shell define the search criteria. All "from date" and "to date" are to be manually selected and will be different every search. I have stuck linking the criteria with the table. I would appreciate any suggestions. nena Выше гор могут быть только горы на которых еще не бывал.
  8. Hi, veteran, I feel a sort of confused. My problem has been so easy. Your AE.zip was one to one what I needed. It's amazing in just two hours to have the helpfull advice. Thank you all. nena Выше гор могут быть только горы на которых еще не бывал.
  9. Thanks,Phil, In my table now it is working with this script. I was just wondering if I can simplify the file and omit any extensions. Not a problem actually. Thank you. Nena Выше гор могут быть только горы на которых еще не бывал.
  10. Hi everybody, I need some help with this: Making a new record in an articles table I would like after typing the article's code in a field, the next field named "article's description" to be autoentered with the content of the first existing record having the same code. In fact I made this functioning using scripts. So far it only looks clumsy, but I am afraid, when the database grows it will also work like that. Thanks in advance. nena Выше гор могут быть только горы на которых еще не бывал. я болгар, энтусиаст
  11. Aaa, Thanks for the direction.It works now. But more questions are to come. Выше гор могу быть только горы на которых еще не бывал.
  12. Merry Christmass to everybody! Here is my question. FMP7. A table contains one field named "products" with different, but repeating records. Another field -"price" can have different values for the same product. I would like during data entry for a new record first to choose a product from a pop-up menu. That's easy. What I can't is to make the "price" selection from another pop-up menu displaying the existing prices for the selected product only. Will somebody help me with this?
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