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  1. I'm having trouble getting this to work in my solution. Would you be willing to take a look at it and help me troubleshoot?
  2. Thanks for your reply. I am storing not the reference, but the actual files.
  3. I host a FM solution on my office iMac using FMP 10 Advanced. One of the tables (Media) contains a container field (Doc). I created several records in that table, and have inserted quicktime movies (Movie1.mov, Movie2.mov) into these. I'm able to view/play them. But users connecting to my solution on our Filemaker network, when opening these records, see only the error message "can't find movie1.mov." Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? TIA! Jim Recht
  4. Thanks again Tom. Two more quick questions: 1) Would I write the script like this: Set Variable($newline ; "%0D%0A" ) // URL can't have carriage returns, so use this Set Variable($rows ; Count(Calls::CallDate) // be sure to use a field that always has data Set Variable($i ; 1) // this is our counter Loop Set Variable($name ; GetNthRecord(Calls::Clien tName ; $i) Set Variable($date ; GetAsDate(GetNthRecord(Ca lls::CallDate ; $i)) Set Variable($content ; GetNthRecord(Calls::CallC ontent ; $i) Set Variable($body; $body & $name & "/" & $date & "/" &
  5. Thanks for your quick reply, Tom. I want to avoid using the Send Mail script, because we generally use Google Gmail directly from our web browsers. So here's my situation: I have layout named ClientCalls that contains a portal to a table of our clients' logged phone calls. The Calls table contains the following fields: Calls::ClientName; Calls::CallDate; Calls::CallContent. I want to launch a script (perhaps from a cute little button), from the ClientCalls layout, that will send a single email whose body contains a list of all calls currently showing in the portal, one call per li
  6. I found a nice way to send an email of a text-based record: Set Variable ($email, "mailto:"& YourTable::Username& "<"&YourTable::email_address&">?Subject="&YourTabl e::EmailSubjectField&"&Body="&YourTable::Field_A&" ¶"&YourTable::Field_ Open URL [$email, no dialog] But this only sends the content of one record. Is there any way to send the content of several records, in the body of a single email?
  7. Yes. That highlights the field, and shows the little down-facing arrow of the drop-down list. But it does not open the drop-down list. To do that, I need (manually) to press the Esc key.
  8. I want to do two things: 1) Go to the field. 2) Open the drop-down list. I know the first step can be accomplished with the "Go to Field" script step. But that does not accomplish the second task. When I perform this using my keyboard, I use the Tab key to go to the correct field. Then I use the Esc key to open the drop-down box. I'm looking for a script that will accomplish this.
  9. I want a script step that will open the drop-down list for the active field. I know that there is a keyboard shortcut for this (Esc), but I don't know how to incorporate this into a script. Anyone have advice?
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