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  1. No. The program is MailSteward, which is supposed to be software based upon SQL, but I didn't see anything that said it would be a host... Being that it is a database program itself I would leave the files in there but I need to make them accessible (FM). Is there anything like open source software that would allow me to host the file locally long enough to export (or import into FM)?
  2. Greetings! I have an SQL file that I'd like to import into an FMPRo database. It was generated by another local program. I tried to download Actual's drivers but I cannot make connection to this file. I have a feeling that I have to set up a local database host (server) on my Mac (right?). Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to do this? :o
  3. Ah! Thank you! I knew it could be done... I had figured it was something that had to do with summaries, but I never would have thought of a report without a body... I was even able to do an Excel export with the data. Cheers! Have a good weekend!
  4. Greetings! I've been put to task and I can't figure out how to do this... I have a list of parts sold, with part number field and date sold. Now I've been told I need to produce a report showing the last date that each item was sold. I can certainly sort by part number and then date, but how do I isolate just the last date for the report? Any ideas?
  5. I have about 25 machines and a collection of served databases. Whenever a client opens an FM file locally, there's a message displayed that says the file cannot be shared because sharing has been turned off. That's all fine and dandy, but how do we turn off the message? It's getting old...
  6. (Side note) Now see... There I tried to change all that in myh last post and it didn't take...
  7. (assumes the position of great shame) I am sorry... it is 8.5... I have been a member for a long time, and we just recently upgraded (after much prostrating and begging); I haven't changed my user preferences and they default to 6... Sorry...
  8. : Not working... The calculation box keeps telling me it needs an operator where the comma (and I tried the semi-colon too) is... Also, I don't understand how the global field will identify the record in file A that is currently being browsed... Could you explain?
  9. This has got to be one of those "it's so simple but the answer eludes me" questions... I'm trying to write a script step where a part number is copy/pasted for a Find in another file, but I want to add the "==" parameter to it for exact searching... Any suggestions??
  10. But the pilcrow is not what I need, it's the actual carriage return... Is there a way to do this? Can 8.5 do this?
  11. Thanks! That's the short and quick that will work... Only problem now is I've got over 500 records with this system of comma - space and that's just in one field... I tried to find & replace with a pilcrow sign (¶, or carriage return symbol), but now I've got a field that has a bunch of pilcrow signs... Is there a way to do a find and replace with real carriage returns?
  12. I've been using a database of cross reference numbers and I've just discovered a problem... (This is with a 5.5/6 database) I sometimes get a list of requests for our products with someone else's numbers on them (happens a lot). For a short list, we usually just cross the numbers one by one doing a simple find on the manf number's field, but for longer lists I'll turn the spreadsheets into FM files and then relate them to cross to our part numbers. What I discovered today is that sometimes the manf numbers may contain more than one number for the number we carry. In cases like these,
  13. Could I actually give advice? Not much more than a newbie myself, but here goes... Check your found set - if you have more than one it will show that you have them there. If so, you can use a similar script like what I made to display a list of multiple records in a found set. Check here: With this script I made a layout (Multilist) that shows just enough to tell the difference between the found records so that the user could choose which one they wanted.
  14. Coming out of version 6, 8.5 has new features, and tabs are certainly cool. Are there script steps that can control the viewing of these tabs, or is the only way to bring forward a field that is contained in one of the tabs?
  15. Figured it out... Here's the syntax: Go to Layout [ “Master” (Inventory) ] Go to Field [ Inventory::ItemNo ] [ Select/perform ] Enter Find Mode [ ] [ Pause ] Perform Find [ ] If [ (Inventory::FoundCount) - 1 ] Go to Layout [ “Multifind” (Inventory) ] Else Go to Layout [ “Master” (Inventory) ] End If The FoundCount field is the one I created where the found count is global, not stored, from the Get(FoundCount) function. For some reason, I can't get the script to work using the Get command directly. If the found count is 1 then the result would be zero,
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