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  1. Is there a way to insert a quicktime video so that the movie is actually stored in the database? I have training videos I want staff to be able to access in FileMaker via our wireless network. I inserted it from my computer and non one else can see it.
  2. hello all- Can anyone tell me how to write a script that will allow me to click a button on a layout and a scanned signature then appears in a container field? I'm also trying to figure out how to tag or flag certain medications (psychotropics vs nonpsychotropics) so that only the psychotropics will appear in a portal on a report layout. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I created a medical database and a case management database. The case management database needs to access information stored on the medical database. I created the relationship between the 2 databases but when we open up the case management database, the following occurs: The feilds with shared info read . If we go to the manage external data sources screen, double click on the medical database and then hit "ok", it tehn says we need to open the medical database remotely. We do this and the shared information is then visible. If someone else in the office opens the case management database, th
  4. I'm trying to figure out a way to mark only specific entries/records so that when I run a report, only those records appear in the report. The specific problem I am working on is the following. I have a medical database that records injuries of students. Only certain types of injuries need to go into a specific report. Any advice on how to do this? Thanks.
  5. Does anyone have an idea on how I could set up a script or layout that would allow a person to essentially "sign off" on a document that they have read that is in a database? Thanks.
  6. Is there a way to set a field that receives a calculated result so that it can be edited (deleted and a usere defined result entered if needed)? Thanks
  7. Our organization pays overtime if someone works more than 8 hours in a day and we also pay overtime if someone works more than 80 hours in a 2 week pay period. I tried this formula but the logic is not right. It will calculate the number of hours beyond 80 (which would be overtime) but it does not take into account the scenario where someone worked more than 8 hours on the same day they exceeded 80 hours for the pay period. Case (Staff1Wk1FriSum ≥ 80; Staff1Wk1FriSum-80; Staff1Wk1FriHrs≤ 8 ; "0"; Staff1Wk1FriHrs > 8; Staff1Wk1FriHrs-8)
  8. Hello all- I'm trying to come up with a calculation that will calculate overtime hours worked in a scheduling database. We pay a staff person overtime if tthey work more than 8 hours in a 24 hour day and we pay overtime after a staff has worked more than 80 hours in a 2 week pay period. The calculation I came up with to calculate overtime hours worked for a Friday of week 1 (Staff1Wk1FriOt) of the pay period is: Case (Staff1Wk1FriSum ≥ 80; Staff1Wk1FriOt = Staff1Wk1FriHrs; Staff1Wk1FriHrs≤ 8 ; "0"; Staff1Wk1FriHrs > 8;Staff1Wk1FriHrs-8) Where Staff1Wk1FriSum = the total
  9. Thanks for the direction! Those posts had exactly what I was looking for ;)
  10. Hello all- I've created a staff scheduling database that calculates overtime worked by staff on a daialy and weekly basis. Supervisors enter in a start time and end time for each shift of the week and then total hours worked and overtime is calculated. I am trying to write a script or scripts that will do two things. 1. flash up a warning message when a staff member is scheduled for more than 12 hours of overtime on a shift; 2. Flash up a warning message when there is less than 8 hours between two shifts. I have a field for multiple staff members for each day of the week (for
  11. Hello all- I am working on a database that will help supervisors schedule staff for hours. I have a field for start time (StartTime) and End time (EndTime) and want to calculate to hours worked each shift and hours of overtime worked each shift. I had the calculation for total hours worked as (EndTime-StartTime) with the result set as a number. When I enter in a start time of 5:30 and an end time of 15:00, I get 3420. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to fix this calculation? Thanks.
  12. Newbie question here. Is there a maximum length/number of pages a layout can be? I've created a report layout that is pretty long and I've reached the bottom of the page and it won't let me expand the layout any further.
  13. Does anyone have any advice on how I could create scripts that do the following: First, I want to be able to flag or designate certain data entries to appear in a portal placed in another report, while not displaying the "non-flagged" data entries. For example, I have a table that tracks illnesses of our clients. I have a portal in a report but I only want the portal to display specific illnesses, not each one entered. Second, I want to have a message such as "Not Applicable" or "No Data Available" appear in a portal if there is no data for it in the database. Any ideas will b
  14. I have a layout with multiple portals in it. I've used sliding to adjust the portals to fit the information within them. Is there a way to eliminate whitespace between the individual portals (bring them closer to each other when they have less data and are shorter then originally set in the layout)? Never mind my newbie question. I figured out what I was doing wrong (not selecting all the objects that I wanted to slide at the same time and setting sliding guidelines).
  15. What would be a good way to allow my database users to access various Pdf forms via the database that they could then print out for later use? Would I place the document in a container field or is there a more effcient method?
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