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  1. Thank you for your reply. Yes I confirm that I have found a copy of the extension in Filemaker Pro for Mac! I presume that when I did a download it put itself there, because I have no recollection of doing this. That explains everything. And presumably there is no point in putting the extension on the server for this. Obviously I would be interested in something that I just had to put on the server, as I will explain, but I understand why that may not be possible. The functionality I am interested in is calling a url behind the scenes, which synchronizes the current FMaker record wi
  2. We have ScriptMaster 4, free version. We have a Filemaker 11 Server on a Windows 2003 Server (ServicePack 2). There we have installed and started the ScriptMaster plugin successfully, (32-bit version for Windows, in the /Extensions folder). We have Filemaker Pro 11 clients, both on Mac and on Windows 7. The Mac clients can see and execute groovy scripts using ScriptMaster, the Windows clients cannot even see the plugin in the preferences. I have tried the 64-bit version on the server, in desperation, (and it still works for Mac clients, but not from Windows!) but Windows 2003
  3. There is a hack for getting multiple fields out of Filemaker via sql. This consists in creating a calculated field which makes a comma-separated String from all the values in the multiple field. Then you get the new comma-separated field in sql. This is how I created a comma-separated field of the 'ValutePerSitoAgenzie' multiple field for example (you might not need the isempty check) GetRepetition ( ValutePerSitoAgenzie ; 1 ) & If ( not IsEmpty ( GetRepetition ( ValutePerSitoAgenzie ; 2 ) ) ; "," ; "" ) & GetRepetition ( ValutePerSitoAgenzie ; 2 )& If ( not IsEmpty ( Get
  4. This is a very late reply because I've only just seen your post, but I've been through much of what you've done so I can maybe help somewhat. I tried to go the Hibernate route, but as far as I could see Hibernate would only work if it had a Filemaker dialect, which at the moment doesn't exist. Fine, I decided to try to write the Filemaker dialect, but even though the SequeLink driver in my experience has proved very good and is a finally a real Jdbc driver, there were a couple of good reasons why I couldn't finish the job, of which the most important is that access to the RecordId field is
  5. I have a new Filemaker Server 8 Advanced database, which comes with a DataDirect Sequelink driver, which in general has proved to be very good, a big advance on the old Filemaker drivers. But I have one very serious problem with it, which makes it almost unuseable, and I'm wondering if anybody can help me solve it. The problem is setDouble(). Our company is based in Italy, so our Filemaker database is formatted for the italian locale. Thus dates and numbers appear in the database in local format. e.g. 25th November is 25/11/2007, with the month after the day dd/MM/yyyy, and
  6. Well, for whoever wants to know the answer I completely reinstalled Filemaker and have to run it as an Administrator. At last I can access all tables, and using "sourceDatabase" I can also keep two databases separate. But if I don't run it as Administrator the 2399 port just doesn't show.
  7. Ok, I now seem to have got one stage further, but it's only a tiny bit better. Now I can put any of my files in as the "serverDataSource" in the Url and I get a connection to the database. Fine so far. jdbc:sequelink://localhost:2399;serverDataSource=AnyTable;user=bloggs ;password=whatever But as soon as I try to get a ResultSet, any of the files that do not have a relationship with NuoviContratti get the message: "Table not found", so it seems to me that I am still only getting an actual connection to NuoviContratti.
  8. I can establish a database connection nicely via JDBC to only one of my Filemaker tables. All other files, I have discovered, are only findable by JDBC if a relationship is established to that first table. This is frustrating because I would like to have 2 separate databases. The relationship to the first table can be completely spurious, using completely unrelated fields, and JDBC is happy. But this is a very untidy solution. I can get a connection to this first file either declaring or not declaring the name of the file (called NuoviContratti incidentally), and jdbc only wants the u
  9. The answer for anyone who wants to know is that port 2399 refused to show itself unless I ran Filemaker Pro as an Administrator. Don't ask me why!
  10. I've got Filemaker 8.5 and Filemaker Server 8, but what I'm interested in here is ordinary Filemaker Pro 8.5 at the moment because I use it for testing. The advertising blurb says that you can connect via JDBC to ordinary Filemaker Pro 8.5 from the same machine, not from another machine. Fine, but I've been trying for a whole day to connect to the port they say is waiting for jdbc connections which is 2399. There's a TestJdbc programme that I've installed and have been using, but although the driver is alive and well it can't get anything other than Connection Refused out of the 23
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