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  1. I'm having the same problem here
  2. There is no way to store ODBC setting, but I guess with an applescript from Filemaker you can launch the ODBC administrator on Mac. It's the prettiest way to allow users to change ODBC settings I think.
  3. I tried to find this function (in french and english version) but it does not exist. It's not a function! I really don't understand....
  4. Hi Is it the field from Filemaker or from Mysql? When I insert the "Getas" function it tells me "function unknown". Can you post an example please? Thanks a lot I'm sorry I bother you
  5. I'm not sure I get what you said and what I red in this document (maybe because I'm french -) Where should I put this statement with the "GetAS" function? Is it a Filemaker function or a mysql/php one? thanks Sorry for being so dumy
  6. I tried with the "Mod" fonction but I can't see the aim of the use of this fonction
  7. I have an other problem. I need to create a new record with this calculation "1" for the first, "2" for the second record etc... When this number is reached, I need it to start over from 1. For example I put "4" in field "number" Records: 1->1, 2->2, 3->3, 4->4, 5->1, 6->2... etc Do you know how to do that? Reset the "extend" fonction maybe?
  8. Thanks raybaudi! it works and it's exactly what I needed.
  9. I mean, I set the number "20", and then it makes a calculation and display in a value list the numbers 1 to 20. Then if I change the number field to "13", it does the calculation from 1 to 13, and display it in a value list. I hope you understand
  10. Obviously you'are right, it's just passing the text data. So I'm stuck? What do you mean by "making a call to filemaker"?
  11. Hi Genx In fact I do SQL execute with all my fields
  12. Hi again Same problem, but in the reverse way. I can't export a multimdedia field from filemaker into a BLOB field in mysql. In fact, it works a little bit because it shows me that the BLOB field is not empty (approximatively 9 bytes). I don't understand why? Any ideas? The image from filemaker is not stored "as a reference" Thanks
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