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  1. If your goal is to generate a list from those cells then you could go right to a list within the tell record. tell application "FileMaker Pro" tell table "2008X2DGEN" tell (every record whose (cell "AREA_ID__C" is "R8M00")) set x to count of records set addressList to cell "ADDRESS_NAME__C" end tell end tell end tell
  2. Can you explain a bit more what you are trying to do here? I'm not following what you are trying to accomplish.
  3. (I would think this topic has been covered somewhere in this forum, but my keyword searches must be lackluster. This question has also been posted in another thread that had started dealing with a much different concept - but, I thought that this specific question would be better served in this forum.) I have a portal that includes a graphic button in each row, that when selected, adds a parameter to a global field and, conditionally formats the portal row. When clicked again, it removes the parameter from the global and reformats the field. It's beautiful. If multiple rows are selected
  4. I set this up in the database and it works beautifully with a graphic button, that when selected, adds the parameter to a global field and, conditionally formats the portal row. When clicked again, it removes the parameter from the global and reformats the field. It's beautiful. This obviously only works in the FM Client. I have a need for a layout using the same portal information to be accessed via IWP. Obviously, the conditional formatting will not work there. I have searched the forum for a manner in which to use a checkbox on the web layout, but have come up empty. (My concern,
  5. Thank you both for the suggestions. Søren, I think I am going to combine the data. I love the separation model you posted - that is indeed a very interesting tactic. I think I was keeping the data separated because of a belief that production information and accounting information need not exist in the same place for security reasons. However, there are enough security parameters in Filemaker that, I suppose, blows that concept out of the water. Plus the information was going to exist on the same server anyway. Again, thank you for the suggestions and the educational links.
  6. It seemed cleaner to keep them as separated databases. One is an image database. The other is a financial database. How else would the Art Description be called onto a Worktag/Invoice if not by a lookup? No, the description does not change over time.
  7. One database is an order entry system used for selling Art. The other database is used for cataloging the art. In the Order Entry screen, the user types in the artID, and the Description is then looked-up from the catalog of art. (This portion is also scripted from the customer's layout for easy re-ordering - which is primarily how it would be used in the IWP solution). The lookup, and subsequently, the "Calculated lookup" work fine in the Filemaker client, but not in the IWP Solution.
  8. Ok, I have re-read and doubled back and checked everything. IWP access is definitely enabled for both databases. The user is not the default "Admin" account, but a userX account. The User does have full access rights, and also in the extended privileges the fmiwp and fmapp sets are enabled.
  9. Not at all. The field in question is defined as a lookup and I am attaching a screenshot illustrating that fact.
  10. Ok, so I registered for the Safari books and read the chapter and it still didn't exactly help... even if I force a commit record to happen after entering the information necessary for the lookup, the lookup does not happen. Again, all local lookups happen without issue. It is the lookup to the external data that is not happening.
  11. Took me a few tries, but I figured out where they should be calculated from. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  12. Funny, I had seen this topic before posting, but did not see your response listed for some reason. Odd. Anyway, my local lookups are working great, it is simply the lookup to the external database. That's alot of exclamation points. I don't have that book in my library - I have "The Missing Manual."
  13. Currently, the only user that is accessing it is me and I am signed on with full-access priveleges. And, not sure that it should matter or not, but it is the same user & password for both databases. Both databases are shared via IWP and filemaker network.
  14. On a single host, I have two shared databases. Both of which are open and running. One of the databases has a value that looks up the related data from the other database. Within a filemaker client, the lookup works beautifully. If I try to call the same data, from IWP however, the lookup fails. Is there a way to force the remote lookup to work in IWP? (a script step, perhaps?)
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