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  1. Hi, I have FM database solution, accessed by a number of Win XP pcs running FM pro 8.5, and a Win Server 2003 running FM 8.5 server. I need to get three more FM Pro licences (as 3 more Win XP PCs need to access the database). Since I cannot purchase FM Pro 8.5 any more, I assume my only option is to purchase FM Pro 11. But I am concerned that those PCs running FM Pro 11, will not be able to open and use the FM 8.5 databases. Does any one know if this is possible, and will all the features of 8.5 work in 11? Or, is my safest option to upgrade the server and current PCs to
  2. Reason I ask is because I've done the same thing - locked myself out and now I to disable the opening script. But I don't follow/understand the solution offered here. Your help is much appreciated.
  3. What if you have a table for Staff with a field called status (active, inactive). And that the staff code is entered in a number of tables (such as timesheets, payroll, holidays etc). For each of these layouts, only want active staff in the value list to display. If I understand your solution, do I have to create a TO (and therefore value lists) of active staff for each of the tables/layouts that use active staff codes? Is there some other way where I can use just the one value list of active staff no matter which layout it is used on? Thanks - Brent
  4. Thanks Comment. In fact each of your 3 things I have done already, and are working fine. Except that your assumption about the option is wrong. The end users do not want it as a separate line item, but to bundle it into the product (at quote stage). Eg. sample product is "Print 1000 business cards on budget stock". Lets say the price is $100. The options to this product include: - gloss finish (add $20) - Deluxe stock cardboard (which is thicker than budget) (add $25) - Full colour print process (add $15) Now, when the user selects the business card product (on the
  5. Thanks, but that's not what I was meaning. Your attachment refers to formatting a data entry field. What I need help with is how to get the code in an Auto-Enter Calculation Value to re-execute, based on whenever the underlying values in related fields referenced in the code change. This can be achieved by closing the layout and re-opening it, or by adding a button with a script. But these techniques require manual intervention from the user. I would prefer it to be automatic. - softpac
  6. How would you implement the following specification in FM 8.5 (Win)? On a typical Quote screen, a user can select a product to quote on. When a product is selected, the price of the product is automatically inserted into the quote. Then the user selects one or more options for that particular product, each having their own price. As each product option is selected, the option price is added to the product price on the quote. Then the user may override the final price with whatever (for example they may decide to bump up the price or knock it down for whatever reason depending on who t
  7. Aaaahhhh! I get it now - cool. Thanks so much. :
  8. Thanks LaRetta. Implemented your technique as described in the 1st two paragraphs of your post. But you lost me on the third! Under field/control, the options are Edit Box, Drop Down List, Checkbox Set, Radio Set, Calendar Icon etc. I don't see a number format and boolean.
  9. Thanks for your help. Maybe the problem I am experiencing is because I am not using FM correctly. What I want is a boolean type data field. Should I define a text or number field? Should I use 0 (return char) 1 in the value list or False (return char) True? (or something else) I don't want whatever is entered in the list displayed on the layout, as a I have label for that, which is in fact a question (eg. Do you get water delivered to your office work place?) What is the fe facto standard among FM experts for implementing boolean type fields?
  10. Hi I have a field on my layout that has the control style "checkbox set" with a value list "1". The field is mapped to a text field in the database. When the checkbox is "ticked", I notice the value in the field in the table (looking at it from another layout where the control style is edit box), I noticed the value is a space, followed by a return char then 1. Looks like this: " 1" (without the quotes of course) Why is that? I was expecting a "1" only if ticked an "" if unticked.
  11. Thanks LaRetta - you are a gem. BTW, what's the difference between the Name and Account Name options?
  12. I would like to have a field in a table called "LastModifiedBy" which stores the account name who last changed the data in any of the fields for a row in the table. That is, if any data in a given row is updated, record who did it. Any ideas?
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