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  1. Select long term reservation by date

    It's a booking actually.
  2. Select long term reservation by date

    Generally the user will create one record for one car and fill all informations and then duplicate the record to 365 records = 365 days. On the calendar View as attached you will see all the dates have been booked.
  3. I have a car rental solution and for rental of short term one to two weeks i just need to create a new record one by one which will appeared in my calender View layout via Portal. In case, the customer decided to take the car for one year, i can't create 365 new records, It their any possibility to create 365 records automatically by selecting Start Date to End Date? Thank you.
  4. Outstanding Amount

    comment you are the best Your solution worked fine. Thanks a lot.
  5. I have 3 fields and the first field is Amount the second field is Deposit and the third field is Balance. Generally my calculation should be Balance = Amount - Deposit If i insert the Amount, example $100 and the Balance automatically changed to $100. I need the Balance remain empty unless i insert a number in the Deposit Field. In my outstanding due report, if their is no Deposit, the Balance field should remain empty. Any help.
  6. Hello Win, Thank you for the general notes. Kindly find attached. Thank you. Flexi V3.0.fmp12
  7. Hi, In an existing solution one of my client my client has requested to add a field name ‘Item Movement’ (e.g. Best-seller, Fast, slow) and this should be based on a formula per product item and linked to 'Stock re-order level’ field. For example, if product A reaches ‘Stock re-order level’ in less than one month, it is categorized as ‘Best Seller'’. If Product A reaches ‘Stock re-order level’ in 2 months, it is categorized as ‘Fast’. If Product A reaches ‘Stock re-order level’ after more than 2 months, it is deemed ‘slow’ Since it’s depend on a date, I found it a bit complicated. Any help will be most welcome. I have attached my solution and i have the following problem. When i create a new product the Item Movement set to Best Seller and it should be a New Product instead. Secondly, the Item Movement status doesn't change when the date is being changed within the set value. If a product was in best seller and the is no more available will the status remain the same? Thanks for your help. Flexi V3.0.fmp12
  8. Calculation - Customer loyalty

    Thank you all. That works as expected. My problem is solved now.
  9. Calculation - Customer loyalty

    What would be value above 10,000?
  10. I have a field, ‘CRM Category’ (I.e. Diamond, Gold, Silver) for B2C End Customer – and another field for Total purchase over last 3 months – Calculation - If customer purchases for Rs 10,000 over last three months, a Diamond Customer, If customer purchases Rs5,000 over last three months, Gold customer. If customer purchases less than Rs5, 000, silver customer My question is for the calculation of the Gold customer as for the Diamond i will use the grater symbol and for Silver the less symbol. Case ( Total_Revenue < "$10,000" ; "Diamond") Thank for your help
  11. POS - Cashier Check-out balance Report

    Hello Wim, As per attached you will see a script created for the current date transaction an it works fine. Now based on the result i need to get the current account name which is admin on the same script. Thanks for your help.
  12. I have a stock module with two fields one Stock Re-order level and one Item Movement. Based on the item sold i want the item movement to be changed automatically for example: ‘Item Movement’ (e.g. Best-seller, Fast, slow etc.) should be based on conditional formula per product item and linked to 'Stock re-order level’. For example, if product A reaches ‘Stock re-order level’ in less than one month, it is categorised as ‘Best Seller'’. If Product A reaches ‘Stock re-order level’ in 2 months, it is categorised as ‘Fast’. If Product A reaches ‘Stock re-order level’ after more than 2 months, it is deemed ‘slow’. Is there any possibility to automate the process?
  13. I have a pos solution, i need to create a balance report based on current date and cashier account name, so as to be able to get the total balance before check-out at the end of the day. I have created a button CASHIER CHECK OUT and at the end of the day the cashier can check physically his income and the balance on the report figure equaled. Any idea i can automate this process via an script?
  14. Found Set Portals slow when increase data.

    I removed the OnRecordLoad script trigger and it works well. Now problem solved. Thank you Steve. Much appreciated.
  15. I need your help as I am in a blocking stage and I am struggling to get a solution without success. Windows 7 - Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced I am working on a solution where you can select a Product name from a List of the same Layout and it displayed all details regarding that product. The problem with the solution is when I increase the number of products from 100 units to 5000 units it became extremely slow. I have attached the solution and I would be grateful if you could take some minutes of your time to solve the problem. Product List.fp7

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