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  1. I havent build anything waiting for a response from here!
  2. Hello. I have a table called "contacts". I want that the layout that has the contact info, to have a button that says "new invoice". When I click there I want to be able to fill the info for an invoice, but that the personal information to be filled already. Also, in the contacts layout, i want to be able to see all the contacts that I had already made.
  3. Would that work to send them through emails? because i am sending the reports as pdf, they are too big, thats why i want it through html, that way they will see the report without even opening an attachment. Can i do that with xml?
  4. Hello. I want to know if its possible with filemaker to make html reports to send them via email. I have to send a report daily to many people through email, right now im doing it in filemaker but exporting it as pdf, i know how to code in html, but is there a way make this reports in html with filemaker? Thanks
  5. Hello. Im trying to export a record to pdf, it doesnt touches the margins but when i export an extra blank page appears, how can i fix that?
  6. But how would i choose the members i want to send it too? im sorry but im not very good at this!
  7. Hello. I have a filemaker database where I make reports. Lets say that I want to send those reports to some users that are recorded in a "members" table in my database through email, how can i do that? Thanks
  8. Hello. I have 3 fields. "Start Date", "End Date" and "Plan". The "Plan" has 3 options "1 month", "3 months" and "1 year". I want that if the "Plan" is "1 month" that the "End Date" be the "Start Date" plus 1 month, and the same with the other options. How can i do it? Thanks
  9. Hello. I put to an icon the action of "delete portal row". It was working in the beginning but is not working anymore and i dont remember what i did. Can somebody tell me the reasons why maybe is not working? thanks
  10. How can i take out the dialog when i run a script with "perform find" and it doesnt has any result. I want no dialog to appear in no moment. Thanks
  11. Hello. Is there a way to make a record's recycle bin in file maker? thanks
  12. Hello. In my company we have meetings, every tuesday night and three times on saturday.I want to know how can I record if the members that are in my database have come to every single meeting in a fast and comfortable way. Thank you.
  13. I want to know if there is any way to have an organizational chart in FileMaker. I am using filemaker 9
  14. Hello. I want to make a scheduler in Filemaker. I have Filemaker 9. I work in a little office and we have to schedule appointments. What i would like is for example to write that Mr. Smith is coming next friday the 15th. And i want that on Thursday the 14th a pop up to appear reminding me about the appointments for that day and for the next day. How can i do that? thank you. If you need any extra details let me know.
  15. Hello! i changed my mind, what i want is to store in another database, what i added randomly and when i added it, but when i click the button "add" i want to store it in a new record and to clear the field in the layout, please let me know if its not clear, thank you very much.
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