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  1. Comment, this is what I originally came up with: Set Variable [ $g ; Value: keypad::g_Length ] Set Variable [ $g ; Value: Case ( $g="";5; $g>10;10; $g<1;5; $g) ] Set Field [ keypad::g_Length ; $g ] Loop Set Variable [ $n ; Value: 0 + Int ( Random * ( 9 - 0 + 1 ) ) ] If [ $l>1 and (Right ( $o ; 1 ) = Middle ( $o ; $l - 1 ; 1 )) ] Set Variable [ $s ; Value: Right ($o;1) ] End If Set Variable [ $ls ; Value: Case ( $n = 1;"1¶2¶5¶4"; $n = 2;"1¶2¶3¶6¶5¶4"; $n = 3;"2¶3¶6¶5"; $n = 4;"1¶2¶45¶8¶7"; $n = 5;"1¶2¶3¶4¶5¶6¶7
  2. Comment, as in my example, I went your first route, but the difference, is that if the random digit is not one of the allowed associate digits, I loop until one is found. Didn't think of narrowing the random digit to one of the allowed ones. Will have to play with that. Thanks.
  3. Here is what I came up with, but I am sure there is a more concise way using advance math. keypad.fmp12
  4. Looking to add the keypad number generator into an existing security solution that tracks users and is able to generate system passwords and resets and sends auto sends emails for both the on-baording process and password resets. This particular company uses keypad security locks for all of it's doors and currently manually generates the patterns and them manually emails them out to all of it's employees every time an employee leaves the company. looking to automate the process so that with disabling an employee's account the new keypad number will be generated, and sent out to the existing e
  5. For all those who love math problems ;-) Given a phone keypad as shown below: 123 456 789 0 Need to generate random 5 (or variable length) digit numbers with the following constraints: 1. Has to be done completely in FM 2. Each number has to be with in within one movement on the keypad including it's self. ie #2 could possibly be followed by the numbers 1,2,4,5,6,3. While #3 could possible be followed by the numbers 2,3,5,6. 3. Repetition of numbers are allowed as long as the same number is not repeated consecutively more then once- 12123, 44588,
  6. Thanks, wish there was a No access from external sources checkbox.. Going back through and changing 200+ scripts that need a variable, so that they wont run via applescript is not something I am looking forward to. But, I guess I now know going forward.
  7. Is there an easy way to stop users from being able to execute scripts from outside of FM, by using applescript. I have the script menu disabled/not present via a custom menu, but the scripts and other menu commands can be activated via applescript. Is the only solution is to give each script a custom privilege?
  8. I think I am missing a fundamental piece.. If I run the following: Execute SQL [ ODBC Data Source: MySqlDatabase; Calculated SQL Text: "SELECT * FROM Client"] And it works, where is the data/object returned? I am trying to query an external MySql database and check to see if a value exists in a table, and if it does to reurn the uid of that record. But, can seem to get a very simple statment like the above to work?
  9. Another really cool feature, at least to me, is that the Stand-by server, can use the same license key!! As stated in this excerpt: "1. Install FileMaker Server on the prospective standby server. During deployment, enter the user name, organization, and license key information that you used for the primary server. 2. Make sure that the prospective standby server configuration matches your primary server configuration. See “Standby server requirements” on page 82. Even though the prospective standby reports a license conflict, you can use Admin Console to configure the settings. "
  10. Thanks Fran_g! Yes, it helps.. seems a little clunky, but gives me a starting point.
  11. I have tried to reach Genx by private email/message to no avail. The intent would be to allow the user to select multible portal rows/records then select a button to preform a script on all the selected, i.e.. delete all selected, or run all selected through another process.. Once they are tagged, I beleive I can figure out how to process the slelected records, it's just the selectling/tagging all of them by using shift or control to select all or single rows. It doesnt nessarilly need to be check boxes.. could be just highlighting the rows like in the example below..(Which gives poor explanat
  12. First need to apologize for re-posting this, since it appears to have been solved once: But, the links in the orginal thread are all dead, and after an exhusting search for both the example file and attempts to reach the original author have all failed. The gist, looking for a way to allow end users to "select" portal rows in a single or multi user environment and display that selection. Further it should allow the selection of multiple portal rows simulating general OS functionality. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. ​Does anyone have an updated copy of this..? This is exactly what I am looking to do!
  14. This is the script I ended up with. The list removal part seems a bit clunky, but it works. (I'm using "" instead of isempty for no psrticular reason). Go to Layout [“Client Export” (Company)] #Export last two days // Set Variable [$rec; Value:Let ( [tt = Get ( CurrentTimeStamp )-172800; _query = "SELECT n_SNComp FROM COMPANY WHERE ts_Mod > ?"; _result = ExecuteSQL( _query ; "" ; "" ; tt) ]; _result )] #Export last 2 hours Set Variable [$rec; Value:Let ( [tt = Get ( CurrentTimeStamp )-7200; _query = "SELECT n_SNComp FROM COMPANY WHERE ts_Mod > ?"; _result = ExecuteSQL( _query
  15. Nothing, was just trying to reduce lines of code ;-) I really apprciate all your help. Will move forward with the working version above.
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