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  1. Hi Thanks for respond. im running filemaker server 9 advanced on Mac (apache) i test the IWP and i can see the database example, also i can see my database, i have another server (windows) and it´s currently running a web server, so behind my router i need to change the default port(80) of the apache server, right? if i try to access from internet it appears a 404 error. im confused about how i have to set up the access to FM IWP, i used to have FM server 8, and the setup it´s different. thanks
  2. Hi, everyone. im upgrading to FM9 server, and i just can´t figure out how to publish my database on the web, if i try in my network: i can see it, but how do i get it on web, i had FM8 server, and the way i accessed was : http://factoria.tzo.com:16080/fmi/iwp/res/iwp_auth.html could anyone, get me a clue? thanks!
  3. Thanks a lot! that was really easy. thanks again for your help
  4. no, what i want is to find all the records in a given date range, which doesnt have an sales order, so i think it would be with IsEmpty function, to check the field, and those who are empty, are the records i want, what i don't know how to do is join that function with a constrain found set, also if this is the correct way to do this.
  5. Hi again, i have another question. im making a report, and i want to find all the trailer's in a given date range, whom don't have sales order, i guess the simple way to do this is with IsEmpty Function and a Constrain Found Set, i got Enter Find Mode Set field[EndDate;BeginDate...EndDate] Set Field[status;"Inactive"] Perform Find Constrain Found Set what i dont know is how to join these 2 functions? am i doing it wrong?
  6. i put a show custom dialog, and it's breaking correctly the BeginDate(timestamp) but, for some reason doesn't find me what i want
  7. ok, i break up, my timestamp into date, and apparently, it's correct but when i do the find, still brings me all.... also the tempvars::begindate and enddate are globals.
  8. Hi everyone. Currently i got BeginDate as timestamp, i want to create a report searching based on BeginDate, but because it's timestamp, brings me all, i guess i got to use a wildcard, but im not sure how. i have: enter find mode set field [Cajas::BeginDate;GetAsText(tempvars::BeginDate) &"..."&GetAsText(tempvars::EndDate)] perform find. how should i use the wildcard? do i have to convert the timestamp to a date, and then search? thanks
  9. Thanks Comment, i appreciate the help, i can't join both tables (jobxactions and bills) but what i did is a portal with the records, inside the report and also a script which copies the records from bills to a Temporal Table, so only show me the records from the date range i want. Thanks Again :)
  10. I have Jobs Table, for every Job (unique) i could have "x" number of Jobxactions and "x" number of bills records. the relationship are Jobs (one to many) Jobxactions, and Jobs (one to many) Bills. i want to know by job, the hours i worked on (Jobxactions) and the expensives i generate (bills), thats why i need to also search in bills table, the reason i did my report based on Jobxactions table, was because, it seems easy to me to find the records, but my problem still radicate that i dont know how to show the bill records.
  11. yes, im aware the relationships are not the way they suppose to be, and that in a way have been working fine, until now. my problem is that i have a dead line for this report, and obviously i haven't find the way to make it work. could you please help me? :)
  12. maybe i express myself in a wrong way. i have the report based on Jobxactions, when i run the report i want all the jobxactions and bills records in a given date, for example: 01/01/08 -01/20/08. so, i found all the jobxactions records from this date, right? but also i want the records from bills, my problem is that maybe, in that date range, there's no bill records or maybe they are, so if i perform a find also by bills, if there isn't any records, gives me an error message,(didn't find anything) because im telling filemaker: look into jobxactions from '01/01/08...01/20/08' [color:red]AND
  13. ok, i have the relationship between the 2 tables by JobId, i try to understand what are trying to tell me. Jobs is my Parents table, and Jobxactions and bills are the childs table. putting the relationships apart. what i need to do is create 2 global fields (begin and end) in jobxactions and with this make the relationship to bills? but how can i found the bill records?, sorry the mess, but i dont have much experience in filemaker. when i run the report, like i said, it brings me all the records it found in bills, what i need to do to tell filemaker that bring me, only the bill records, from s
  14. ok, so i have my report based on jobxactions, like you said, i got 2 global fields: BeginDate and EndDate in a TempVars Table, and by this i make my search in JobXactions::DateSorted, but how can i do the search in Bills::BillDate enter find mode set field[Jobxactions::DateSorted;Getastext(TempVars::BeginDate)&"..."&GetasText(TempVars::EndDate)] Perform Find. if i also put set field[bills3::BillDate;Getastext(TempVars::BeginDate....etc] in the case i dont have bills, obviously dont find me anything, so, how can i do to bring all the jobxactions records and if there are an
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