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  1. I have a Number Field with a number entered. I then have a Summary field that displays the sum of all the records where this field has a value. For some records I want the Summary to ignore (skip over) the value. Is there a simple way to 'comment out' the value by adding a character of some sort? In crude terms it would be like putting the code lines // in front of the value and as a result, it gets ignored (I know that doesn't work!). This is only for my internal usage so it doesn't need to be to clever. Just quick and easy to change a value so it gets ignored and change it bac
  2. Good point! I am still finding my feet in this area and hadn't fully understood when to use Lookup and when to use Calculation. You're absolutely right though, a calc is much more suitable. This is all working great now, thanks for your time and help.
  3. Thanks Vaughan. That seems to work well. One last question though: Is it possible to have a Lookup request as part of that if statement? So instead of saying use 'KN Prefix Entry' if 'Slate' is not empty, it would be something like, do Lookup if 'Slate' is not empty? Thanks, Mark
  4. I've not had any luck trying to figure this one out - my calculation skills are minimal! I have a Calculation (thanks Ted S /Genx) for a field called 'KN Prefix' which works just fine: Let ( [ dotCount = PatternCount ( VFX::KN Input Temp; "-" ); dotPos = Position ( VFX::KN Input Temp; "-"; 1 ; dotCount ) ]; Left ( VFX::KN Input Temp; dotPos - 1 ) ) However if a field called 'Slate' in the same table is empty, I want this calculation to either stop or if a value has already been entered in 'KN Prefix' I need it to be cleared. In simple (non FM) terms its needs to
  5. Thanks! I've been reading and searching here for a while - this is my second post. My first received an equally useful reply!!
  6. Thanks guys. In this case I won't have more than one dot, but this is certainly worth noting and I use that more complex Let function just in case. Thanks again.
  7. OK, that, I would never have figured out! Thank you both so much; these all work great and are exactly what I needed. I've gone with your simplified Let function Genx. Really appreciate the help. /Mark
  8. I'm frustrated I couldn't figure this one out since I have a few Trim functions for counting in from the left, but in this case I want to always Trim the last 4 characters from text in a field. After I import images I have text in the File Name field, such as: 1-3.jpeg 12-1.jpeg 137-5.jpeg I want to end up with the trimmed text (below) in a field called Name. Since counting in from the Left won't always be the same, I just want to Trim off the last 4 characters, leaving: 1-3 12-1 137-5 What is the correct Trim function layout to achieve this. Many thanks. Mar
  9. Thanks Søren, that was it! The looked up field in the IMAGES table was a calculation (taking the imported JPG file name and removing .jpg), but it was set to return a Number as the result; changing this to return Text, fixes the issue. Thanks for the quick and very helpful reply, much appreciated. Mark
  10. I am a novice FMP user building a simple film production database. So far I have most of the database working how I would like. It has tables for CODEBOOK, SHOTCARD, IMAGES, TAPES and SCENES. One function of the database which is not working as it should is the CODEBOOK image lookup. In the CODEBOOK every record has a 4 digit value like such as 0001 (this relates to the shot number and by the end of the shoot we will have numbers up to 0700 or so). e.g Shooting slate 43 would have 0043 in this field. The IMAGES table contains a JPG from that camera setup and has the same 4 digit valu
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