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    File Referance Only

    Thanks for the reply Vaughan, Thats exactly what I need. A way to forbid a user from embedding files. h
  2. Hi, I am wondering. Is it possible to have a file such as a word document linked in a text box or container as a referance only. I want to make sure the database user is not given the option or cannot embedd the external file. Windows standalone. Thanks
  3. Just wondering if I can stop the dialog box from painting the screen white as I move it. See the screen shot of me moving it to top right corner and the white fill following it. Got me baffled. h
  4. Thank you for the explanation mr_vodka. I got it to work and it does what I asked. Great. Another example to add to my little folder to help me out again in the future. Much appreciated h
  5. Thank you very much for the replys mr_vodka and jrr316. I am very new to FM so please take no offence mr_vodka when I say I have decided to go with jrr316's solution. Much easy for me to understand. I am very gratefull for your reply. That will do me very nice jr thank you very much. h
  6. Ok here we go again In one of my tables I have a date field that has a drop down calendar attached to it to enter a date. The field is named consent_expiry I want to add some hidden text or similar next to the field on the layout that will show the following messages when the dates are nearly or have expired. When the consent_expiry date has 30 days left to go the hidden text will show “The consent for this record will expire in “however many days are left”. Or if the consent_expiry date has passed then the hidden text will show “The consent for this record has expired
  7. h123

    On Opening a layout

    Ahh! So thats how its done. I'm learning more as I go along. Hey thanks raybaudi. Nice of you to take the time to sort me out. h
  8. h123

    On Opening a layout

    Thanks for all replys I will upload my database and hope one of you good guys can tell me if I am doing ok so far. Please understand this is my first atempt at a filemaker database after quite a lot of reading and veiwing vids. Tips welcome : I have tied to of my butons so far to their own script to help send the cursor to my search field on openig of the layout h test_v1.zip
  9. h123

    On Opening a layout

    Thanks for the reply IdealData. I understand that the go to field script will do its job. But this way would mean me duplicating this script for every layout I want to reach from the buttons on my main page. Pity there was not an option in layout setup that would place the cursor in the field choosen on layout open. Thanks for the reply again though h
  10. Advice needed please. I want my cursor to go to a certain field when the layout it belongs to is opened. I thought there may of been some sort of on open section in scriptmaker to tie it to the layout but cannot find anything there. Thanks in advance h
  11. Hey thanks for the reply CobaltSky, I'm not to good on VB, come to think of it and to tell the truth I,m not to good on any programing languages. LOL. I guess if I keep all those images that I store in the containers in a sorted folder then I;ll just have to have a spring clean every now and then, at least till I gain a bit of experiance with filemaker etc. Thanks anyway h
  12. First of all I would like to say a big hello to all members of this great forum. I am really, really new to filemaker and could do with a bit of scripting help here. I am wondering is it possible to write a script that can delete and would pop up a dialog to give the user the option to delete the file stored somewhere on the HD in relation to the file stored in a container. Just don't want to have to look around the HD for all those idle files that I will not use again. Thanks in advance. h
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