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  1. Cannot find this topic on Filemaker on the GO --> Filemaker Go for IPhone & iPad. Has it been renamed something else?
  2. Hello Barbara, That's an excellent suggestion and I wished the cart software designer had thought of it, unfortunately I must deal with existing tables and fields already setup and can only access information with what we do have. Reconfiguring the tables would means re-configuring a lot in the program itself. Unfortunately not an option. Thank you for your help. Philippe
  3. Created a layout to display a complete record pulled from different MySQL tables with no problem only for one table. The relation is a one-to-many and no matter what I tried scripts, searches with AND in record searching I cannot pull the correct record. Each of my products is associated with one, two, three or more categories. One of these categories is marked as "Main Category" and has a "Y" it the field "Main". I only one to display the main category in my layout (I am using it as a header to have together in the same category all the related products) for each of the record being disp
  4. Thank you The Shadow and LaRetta for your help. I have used successfully: ">123000<123500" entered directly in the field number and it returns all numbers between 123001 and 123499 (this is good for searching invoices for example) but for situations described by shadows such as "##30##" in a product code field I haven't yet find out how to address the problem. To The Shadow: I am searching not a FM db but a MySQL db through an ODBC FM connection where the # wildcard does not work. Your recommendation of using "123000...123500" directly entered in the number field works
  5. If I understand correctly I should include a SQL LIKE query in a script since the "Find" cannot be entered directly in the field searched?
  6. For finding records starting with "213" in a field number with 6 digits in FM one would use "213###" and it would return ALL invoices starting with 213. Now that we have an ODBC connection to our MySQL db the wildcard search returns an error: "This field is defined to contain numeric values only. You must enter a numeric value". My question is: Which wildcard character should I use to replace the "#" when reading MySQL db through an ODBC connection? I unsuccessfully tried "%" and "_".
  7. Yes. It does work if Ipause before. I am not sure i understand the complete logic behind it since I saw it as a pause and not a stop but it does definitely work doing it your way. You win :
  8. Maybe I changed something else that I don't see... but I haven't been able to make it work. I had set my Pause/Resume after the first "Set Variable". I don't know why this is not working. I am adding the sample files. 1228499706-Create_Records_in_Portal_tables-1_Folder.zip
  9. Indeed. Make sense! I brought them back and follow your advice for not listing them in the layout list. Thank you. I managed to wreck your example! I need to be able to enter the productID (unique, int(6)) and have added a Pause/Resume (indefinitely) to be able to fill the field and then resume the rest of the script by clicking onto "Continue" when my ProductID satisfy our requirement. Somehow after clicking onto Continue it does not copy the variable to the "ProductID" fields in the other tables and then just close the record without being able to enter the options or prices. Should I s
  10. Thank you! Yes it does work beautifully... meaning the way I had intended to have mine working But, hopefully it will help me understand what I was doing wrong. I noticed something quite intriguing. When you delete the two layouts that have been created automatically when adding the portals you can no longer enter data in the options and price portals ! How are these two layouts related to the product layout you created? I can understand the effects of deleting fields and/or tables, but layout !!
  11. In order for me to understand the mechanism behind FM9 ODBC behavior and how I should set up my layout I have created a small db composed of three tables (product, option, price). The first table has 3 fields: ProductID (int 6 digits), prod_description (text), wholesale (Y or N). The second table has 2 fields: productID, options (text). The last table has 2 fields: productID, price (decimal 2). I have a relationship based on productID with "Allow creation... relationship" and "Delete related...other table" and "Sort Records (on productID)" checked on both sides. The layout display
  12. I created a button with this type of script "New Record". Unfortunately since some fields in the table, other than productID, have a non-null requirement so the script starts acting erratically, meaning not able to add a new record to another table. I was thinking of creating a long list of variables in a layout and then "record" data in each table by using a script. Is this feasible? I think so but maybe not a clean design. What would you suggest instead?
  13. Strangely FM GetAsTimestamp function translates Timestamp recorded in seconds from date starting at 1/1/0001. So using the calculation GetAsTimestamp ("1/1/1970") + GetAsTimestamp (dateStoredInMySQLdb) I was able to display the date though... incorrectly. Date is off by 2 days !! What I am doing wrong? >> Added: I now changed date in the calculation to 1/3/1970 to display the date correctly ! << I believe it must be possible to use the MySQL function which return directly the date by querying... but I do not have not any experience with that. So I should try that next.
  14. Make that 22... don't forget college Simple: But I would like to point out first as I mentioned in earlier posts that I inherited this structure (MySQL structure) and cannot change it. Each product has six tables (all with a relationship on "ProductID") which are: product, pricing, options, link, thumbnail, image. Some table (options and link) have a one to multiple relation (since one product may have more than option or link). Currently I can, through portals, look at all the options or links available for one product and am able to modify them all and see them r
  15. Congratulations!! If this is your first one... welcome to the "Events that changed your life forever" Club ! In your absence I made some progress and was able to create a layout from our MySQL customer's base which allow me to access in real time all the needed information without having to import them constantly. This layout includes a portal displaying all the "Ship To" addresses our customers enter. Ex: One customer may want to send a gift to relatives. We now have access through this portal to ALL their "Ship To" information. I successfully managed to alter and edit information throug
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