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  1. Sorted. I created a field for each subfolder (10 off), added buttons for each field with a script to send event based on the contents of the text field. Thanks for the send event hint !. Cheers
  2. Yep, essentially I want to open a windows folder based on the filepath in a fixed text string. This then allows the user to pick which file to open and probably makes life simpler all round. Cheers
  3. My post referred to portals when I should have said containers !. Apologies.
  4. Hi, My database contains details of several hundred scientific instruments. Each instrument type has a folder that contains subfolders such as manuals, correspondence, repair info etc. I have created tabbed folders and portals to display this information but adding the information is very tedious and requires two operations. First to place any new documents in the correct folder and then to import the file into the relevant portal. What I would like to do now is to scrap the portal idea and just have fixed text strings that show the path to the documents. By clicking on a text strin
  5. Have you setup your default windows printer to A4 ?
  6. Can anyone help me with the above problem ?. This is cruical to getting the system up and running. Cheers
  7. Sorry, I should say that I have 2.7Gb of files that are spread over a fairly extensive file tree structure. Unfortunately I cannot put every file in the same folder.
  8. I can see that adding another path for a specific file will work but I need to change the path for every file linked to the database. Can I set a root folder that is independant of the drive ?.
  9. John, Thanks for the reply. I must have missed the file reference page in the missing manual. I will check this out later. Cheers Pat
  10. Hi, I need to send a copy of my database on DVD to someone on a ship without regular internet access. Sending a dvd is not the problem but what happens to the linked file path names ?. For example the uk database is on O:databasesthis database but it needs to end up on C:databasesthis database Will I lose the links to any files or does filemaker create the right paths. I need to link files as I want them to open from filemaker so embedding is not an option.
  11. How ?. I can only see one container in the portal, if this is made into a buton do all the other containers added during browse take on the button attribute ?. Can you send a quick example of this as what little hair I have left is receeding quickly !. Cheers
  12. I think I was trying to do away with an extra button and just use the container content (picture) to act as a trigger to display more info.
  13. I have produced a portal containing many container fields which, thanks to other peoples help, works well. I would like to expand this by being able to click on a container object, such as a picture, and have information about the picture displayed in another text box. I tried to create a field in my table called "info" but this just puts up the text for the first picture and does not change when selecting another.
  14. It seems strange that I should need to use a calc for such a fundamental operation. Has this anything to do with the platform that the database was created on in the first place - are you using windows ?
  15. Thanks for the reply. All I have to do is remember not to use the mouse wheel to try and scroll in the portal - I just move to the next record !. Cheers
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