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  1. Thank you Phil, I have looke at the fields and the Portal I don't have and sorting or indexing? If you have any other suggestions that might take care of the jumping of the record from first-to-last.
  2. I am new at FM, and can't figure out why when entering a new records in a Portal it keeps scroll from the first-to-last record each time. Any idea that might help me solve the problem. Thanks
  3. I want to figure out why my portals scrolls from the top-to-bottom when creating new record?
  4. Thanks Lee, on the zip file fixing for entering data in the first row. The other problem is My Portal scrolls from the top to bottom when creating a new record each time? Do you have any idea how to fix it?
  5. Something is wrong with the Zip file you have attached, it gives an error 404 and I could not opening it.
  6. I have a main table (Service Order) in it a portal table (service detail) each time when I add new row in the portal table the portal row's screen starts to scrolls from the first row to the last row. How can fix this problem?
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