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  1. Hi John Purpose is to handle graphics - (long explanation) I have 10 interface files (separated) from 1 data file I have 10 buttons (graphics) across the top of most of my windows as a main nav tool Each button runs a script that "goes" to a separate interface file (one for contacts, tasks, projects, products, timesheets etc). Each file has a colour associated with it. If a user is in a selected file the button outline changes from grey to the specified colour So that I don't have to (hard code and recode this) - all of the graphic objects are repeating global fi
  2. Just a quick one I think... Is there any quicker/slicker way of setting all repetitions of a global field (to a single value) other than by a script that loops through the repeitions uses set field to set the repeition to the required value? eg set variable $c; 1 Loop Exit Loop if $c = 10 set field globalfield[$c] = "default value" set variable $c; $c+1 End Loop Many thanks
  3. Hi all I would very much appreciate some pointers on how best to achieve the following: I would like to be able to produce a "proposal/quote" document. In my db at the moment there is an "estimate header" table and an "estimate line items" table. A proposal document has the following sections(structure) Intro Restatement of customer objectives (text - this could be more items in the line items table) Summary of costs (a table with 3-5 rows)eg: Software----------value (total of software line items) Hardware----------value Services----------value Development-
  4. Hi all I have a "calendar" table which includes a date field (there is an entry for every date in a year) It also includes various calculation fields relating to that that date. One of the calc fields is a Short month/year field - ie so that 1/10/2009 would be "Oct 2009" (as would 2/10/2009) I have a conditional value list of the short month names year field (based on going back a calendar year from todays date) BUT because the short month name/year field is a text field it sorts alpha - I would like it to sort in month order and must confess to being a bit stumped
  5. try taking a look at EZxslt - it worked really well for me ... ezxslt
  6. Hi Vaughan Many thanks - have just updated this machine to 10v3 and the problem is still there (and this is on brand new files only written in 10 ie not converted from 9) - I am bemused - other people had this problem - just need to know what they did to stop it happening
  7. I know its a while ago now - does anybody have a solution to the black blocks? - does it need an upgrade? or does everybody just ignore it? Many thanks PS I should add that, for this post please note this is now on vista with fmpa 10.0 v1
  8. I have created an external data source to SQL server and created a TO of that table in FM and related it to my FM contacts table: Contacts::sl_accounts_code (FM) = SL_ACCOUNTS::cucode (SQL Server ESS) I am now able to see Sales ledger accounts info relating to my FM contact on my FM layout So far so good If i change a piece of data in the SQL Server from a FM layout - it updates beautifully into SQL server - excellent But if I then update a piece of info in SQL server it does not update the FM layout (even after changing layouts and reperforming a find on the customer
  9. It should indeed be simple - if they are linked on a client id (do check that the customer selected did indeed have some credit cards) - Do also check that you the link is indeed on id in both sides of the relationship - also check that the drop down list is is using the id as the first field and the credit card as the second (only show second will work better with a pop up) BUT - you have a much bigger issue ... and I certainly don't want to teach you your own business... under PCI-DSS rules nobody is allowed to store the security code - at all - not even if you believe you can
  10. Have you checked the field behaviour options "go to next option using" setting... (in layout mode right click on the field and select field/control..behaviour) deselect "return" and "enter" hth
  11. Hi Fenton That seems to have done the trick on the sliding of the containers (I take it you meant the reduce size of enclosing part needed to be selected). It looks as though I need to "fiddle around" with the positioning in each page but its nearly there Thank you
  12. Hi, I have a product table which has 10 container fields within the table (to hold a varying number of imagers per product) - [yep they probably should have been put in a separate table but they weren't - have to accept that pro tem!] I would like to produce a report that shows the images one per page. I am happy that the report will only be run for one product at a time. I have put 5 (out of max 10) containers in the body part of a report (one per landscape page) ie so that they are as big as possible and retain their perspective. I have also set all 5 to "slide/reduc
  13. Many thanks Michael - I will try that - I can see that the calc field needs to go into the timesheets table
  14. Yes - I agree "empty" was a misnomer see below In each sub summary part is the relevant field (eg customer name in the customer sub summary part) and a subtotal of hours. What I would like is each customer to start on a new page and each project to start on a new page unless its the first project when it should start on the same page as the customer sub summary. As you say if you put a page break in before each customer and before each project it does that literally - which means the first page for each customer is "nearly" empty just containing the customer name - which is a wa
  15. Its probably been asked before... If I have a report that is sorted and summarised by 3 fields In this case Customer/Project/Deliverable I would like a page break before each customer and before each project - but not the "first" project for each customer as that creates an empty page? How do i configure the part set up? Many thanks
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