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  1. That option is greyed out. I would do that, this is why I think it's indexing issues on the SQL side
  2. Hi ALl, I have some experience with SQL syntax and our DBA allows us to import records and not write to the SQL data source. I have a local FMP 12 identical to the SQL source. I can import all records in the first instance easily. However, there is no option when field mapping to only update related records then add new. Is there an SQL where statement or and indexing issue on the SQL side? Thanks Mike
  3. Hi Vaughan The dictation feature on the iPad. I know storing it is easy in a container field. I was wondering if I could get the audio to text function. ON the iPad, if you dictate audio, it writes the text for you. Is that even possible to start the audio from the container field and have the iPad dictation listen to it and write the text. Kinda like Dragon Speak.
  4. Hi all, Just upgraded from 11 and bought an iPad. I thought about using the dictation feature in a solution of mine. Is that even possible. The concept is to record into a container field while on the road. At a later point, review these recordings and have the dictation feature translate them. Any thoughts about how one would implement this? Thanks
  5. Anything > than the screen width (if you want it to be to the far right or the screen height. I put mine 1 pixel 1 pixel 5000 pixel to the right.
  6. Are these test scores over time? Can you expand on the what you are trying to do a little more. What do these numbers mean? How are they related? Why do you have the two numbers in one field?
  7. Try this New calc field; output set to container called: b_Delete button Case ( Isempty (primary key)=1;""; not Isempty (primary key)=1 and delete status field = "delete"; table:icon delete; not Isempty (primary key)=1 and delete status field = "don't delete"; "" ) The first statement allows for this to not be seen if you have any portals with create records active on the relationship. The second/third statement looks at the status you have about whether a record can be deleted or not. In the case of adding a script, If (Isempty (b_delete)=1)
  8. Thanks Stephen! That is exactly what I was thinking. It was nice to see it in practice before I did some test versions and realized that the method was flawed. Got to love trial and error.
  9. Many thanks for the example. I will take a look. I was leaning this way, just wanted other opinions. I agree the native FMP is not an option here.
  10. Thanks..had a look. Very simple stuff. I was thinking about making the responses more complex though. I was trying to think about different responses to questions, where a response could be a list of predefined response (Example would be a series of respones were mutliple responses apply) and where an answer is binary (yes/no), or where an response are predifined ranges (date range to understand the experience of a particular person). Any ideas on how to mix in the different value lists types for responses. I'm thinking about scripting is based upon a question type (radio box;
  11. Hi All, I'm trying to think about the development of a survey database. I need to create surveys from different perspectives, Admins to people into the nitty gritty. I tried to search the forum for some intro/samples already posted etc, with little success. Any links to some examples would help in the planning part. Thanks Mike
  12. Mike J

    Saving PDF/EXCEL

    Thanks. The demo is what I needed. Just a filepath problem. I've never done it before from a script variable. Thanks Mike
  13. Hi All, I want to generate an email that includes a report either as a PDF or an excel file. I want the script to automatically generate the file name. Current date_Text specific to the file (Username etc). However, when I try to use the script step save a PDF or excel, I get an error message. I think it is how I'm trying to save the file. I use a set variable step to set $Filename to generate the name. I just want to set it to the person's desktop (Win/Mac). Help?
  14. Dear All, I'm wondering how you all create new serial numbers. Here is the background. We have a core service provider who require requests. Within the request is a list of histology blocks. A histology block (paraffin wax with tissue in it) can be sectioned like cheese. These sections are put on to slides for us to analyze or manipulate. These slides need the serial number because it tells you how far within the original block you cut into. Right now the button/script, From the histology block line item - GTRR to slides, sort by the serial field, capture the last s
  15. Hi, Can you expand you your question. Is Table A a parent record of information that can also have children record information that is related to Table A. Or is it that you have records in Tables B and C and you would also like Table A to have a duplicate? Structure is the first thing to expand on. If you provide more details about the problem, then people in this forum (very smart minds here!!) can help you work though it.
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