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  1. hey sb the key is that you need to put the items into the template in a way that filemaker can understand and evaluate. that is "some text "& table::fieldname & " some more text" But the user doesn't understand Filemaker so you want them to be able to write. some text <> some more text What you have to do is make that conversion for them behind the scenes. The custom function mentioned before will do that by replacing (<< ) with ( " &) and (>>) with (& "). It also adds to the beginning and end to make it a valid expression. It then uses the eval
  2. Not sure if this would work but in theory what your looking for is the number of items available in a time frame. I think the best attack would be to find the number of items rented at that time and calculate from there. My plan would be to setup an instance of the invoice items table where the relationship is item=item and Start date and End date>date That relationship should hold all the items rented during that period and adding a summary field to total them gives you the number rented during that period. Should work. not sure how well it would scale though.
  3. I think the problem is that when clicking a pop-up or check box you not actually entering the field. A better option may be to use completely different layouts for each. The use a OnRecordLoad script to switch between them automatically.
  4. Adding serial numbers after the fact is super easy. Just go to your first record (show all records first) and go into the field your using and go to the records menu and choose replace field contents. This allows you to replace the contents of this field in every record of the found set. (this will save your life many a time) You'll get a dialog that gives you the option of replace with a serial number with a given start number and increment. Be sure to check the box to update auto entry. That will set the number for the next new record created by your auto entry setting. Now cleaning up
  5. Well I got it fixed. Looks like its a text encoding issue. Some character in the appID key doesn't like utf-16 encoding. That was the reason my external files stopped working they got saved as utf-16. utf-8 and latin encodings worked however. Of course FileMaker makes everything utf-16 so thats a problem, but after a couple of tries I got a new app key without any problem characters (I have no idea what ones) and everything works fine. ...and it only took six hours! ???
  6. b m var map = new YMap(document.getElementById('map')); map.addTypeControl(); map.setMapType(YAHOO_MAP_REG); var Cent = new YGeoPoint( 41.9485,-86.1566); map.drawZoomAndCenter(Cent, 3); var loc = new YGeoPoint( 41.9485,-86.1566); map.showSmartWindow(loc,"291"); e
  7. Note I have found that turning off the ability of a field to be entered can fix the problem in a single field. However doing such prevents determining what repetition was selected in a repeating field and the option does not exist for portals.
  8. Anybody have any techniques that get around the fact that when you click on another field or a portal, the element gains focus and the selection in the present element is lost. I am inserting text into the selected point in a field. I'd like to do it from a button in a portal but the selection is lost the second its clicked on. right now I'm using buttons over a repeating field (because making the field the button has the same problem). And I did try the same thing with buttons over a portal which did work (requires the button to extend past the portal). but these solutions are quit
  9. Thanks guys...NOw that you said it that way its sunk in that I can do it in a script. I was doing some formating of selected text in a text field and just wasn't thinking about the text formating functions I can access when doing a calculation. I have however decided the simplest method as far as the user will be concerned is to us one button and a applescript script to open the text formating dialog. Perhaps thats something they should add to the "open menu item" list.
  10. Thanks but what I need to do is trigger an existing menu Item.
  11. I know i can trigger a script from a menu item. Is there a way to trigger a menu item from a script from Filemaker without a plug-in. I assume I could do it with AppleScript, but i hate the ideal of scripting a application from within the application.
  12. does anyone have a solution to the problem of looping audio never stopping from web viewer windows. after browsing 10 records i have 5 audio loops still playing.
  13. I dont have an answer for you but i did have the same problem running IWP in 8.0. I would get the error you described and when i looked in the advanced tab of the IWP setup it showed i had 0 max connections. Since i had 8.5 already just not installed i installed that hoping it would fix it... boy did it ever ...now it shows 360 max connections. I think some of this is due to server/network limitations and not the license limitation but I don't know for sure
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