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  1. No reply required, I have found a solution.
  2. I would appreciate some input. One file, two tables, there is similar data in each table. I can generate a report for one table easily, but is it possible to follow the record listing from the first table with the records from the other table? (Note: it is a design reason to split the "category" tables) products.zip
  3. all advice appreciated and taken on board :
  4. Cheers Genx. This works fine. (Just seems silly to keep having to add table occurrences though). Many thanks for your help. I am sure I will be posting more questions in the future.
  5. Hi Genx, Seems so simple, However, although that does the trick for the portal, it doesn't update the consolidated file now because the order ID relationship has been deleted. I even tried just adding the extra relationship but that doesn't work either. :
  6. Hi Genx, Thank you for your prompt reply. If you check the products file, you will note that every style code only has one screen print and colour associated with it. By narrowing down the "order" we use firstly the style name, then the style code, the remainder of the attributes should automatically be inserted as they pertain to only that style code. They will not be editable, at least not in the portal. Seems so easy, but I fail to get the other two fields to complete automatically. Hi Comment, Thank you for your file, but alas, it isn't quite what is required. I already have a
  7. Sorry, another conditional value list problem. : After days of searching for an answer I need some help. I have managed to create a conditional value list whereby listB is restricted to items by ListA. What I need to know, there are two further fields, (attributes), that I want to auto complete based on the field information selected in ListB. I have tried selecting these fields to auto complete but they don't work. sample.zip
  8. No worries, I sorted it. Include another global field called inv encl Set Field [box number; box total] Set Field [inv encl;""] (this clears any previous print of inv encl) Loop Print [Restore;No Dialog] Set Field [box total;box total-1] If [box total=1] Set Field [inv encl;"Inv Encl"] End If Exit Loop If [box total=0] End Loop
  9. How would you add script to print a field "Inv Encl" on the 1 of n box label?
  10. I have a field that has the website for a supplier and turned the field into a button setup, then adding a script to it: "Open Url" (then click specify option) GetAsText(*table::field*) (guess you need to stop people trying to enter data by clicking into the field though, except by tabbing into it. Hope it helps
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