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  1. Damnit then the whole capitalization thing is bunk. Is there something that can be typed in the field during data entry to make it ignore the calculation for just that record? The Univeral Capitalizer uses the tilde symbol "~" but I thinking that is something not built into Filemaker Pro.
  2. Ok I read up on the Universal Capitalizer and Custom Functions in general. Now since I do not have a Filemaker Pro Advanced I can not use the Custom Function designer to make a custom function. But when I read the help file about customer functions it says the Filemaker Pro and Filemaker Pro Advanced can both use customer functions. Does this mean that I can't design them but I could still somehow install the customer functions from the Univeral Capitalizer file?
  3. One last question Ok this setup works great except for one thing .... Is there a way to set a calculation up to only force the capitalization of the first letter of a word and leave the rest alone? We have some company names that have acronyms that are all capital. Example: KFC instead of Kfc TJ Maxx instead of Tj Maxx RES instead of Res I doubt it but I figured I'd ask.
  4. Thanks for the reply Comment! I didn't get what you meant at first because I was having some kind of brain cramp and I could not remember how the auto-enter calculation worked. I knew I had done it before with the special "ID Number" field I use but for some reason I kept trying to change the field itself to a calculation instead of having it run it during data entry. As always you guys come through Thanks again!
  5. Ok well I just figured out the answer to my second question. It is not a good way to do it because it just changes the look of the text .... not the actual data. When I export they are still uncapitalized yet when I do it with the calculation method it actually changes it. : Ok so now it's just question 1 Thanks!
  6. Ok this thread is really old but I figured it would be better then making a new topic. I have a similar problem with my data entry people never bothering to capitalize. Two questions: 1) I did a replace field contents with a calculated result using the Proper(Text) thing. Worked great but now how do I make it do that every time someone types something in? 2) Why wouldn't just changing the Text format for that field to "Title Case" work? Seems like it would fix the current problem and stop it from happening in the future. Thanks!
  7. Thanks so much Vodka! That did the trick and works wonderfully!
  8. Hey guys, I am trying to figure out a calculation (which I am not good at) that will tell me whether a person is over 18 or not. We collect birthdates for applications and some of my co-workers have a hard time doing the math of how old they are. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the replies guys/gals! I will be reading this forum a lot! I ran into a another problem with importing because I was using a FM sequential numbering setup for the Primary Key in relationships but after reading the post from Kurt about the Auto-Calc setup I have implemented it today and love it! See these are the things I need to know more about ....Calc Function, Relationships, Scripting.... Oh god I need to figure out scripting. Actually I talked to my boss and she said that we do have some room in the budget for extra training or materials for this project. Now what
  10. Thanks Marek, I actually understood what you meant about having each table be a Layout. I did it and it does take out some of the steps needed to import the records. About the "Please help a novice!" post title my inexperience was making it difficult to think of a title that would address my question. I asked it in the first post but is their anyone that would glance over a blank database to help show a novice what mistakes they made are? Maybe a different forum or group? I assume not because everything I see about learning more about Filemaker has a price tag on it :
  11. Thank you Ender, You replied to me before I could get back to this forum and say that I figured out that you have to export and import each table separately. Is their a faster way to do this instead of working with multiple exported saved files? Also changing the Layout Setup to look at each set before importing is a real chore.... I can't update in realtime using Instant Web Publishing because my home only has......wait for it.....crappy 26kbps dialup and the web browser refuses to connect to the IP address filemaker tells me to use. Ah the joys of living in a rural area....
  12. Hello all, I am new and in dire need of some help. I have a database I made for the company that tracks job applicants and their information. I am trying to import records I work on at home into the main database at work. I will try to explain it the best that I can but I am a complete novice at this. I have multiple tables: Employee Personal Info, Education, References, and Work History. The Education and Reference tables are in portals in the layout. When I export the file into Excel it has all of the information but when I try to import it back the database does not allow
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