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  1. Here we go: FileMaker Go and Bluetooth Wireless Barcode Scanning http://www.zerobluetech.com/filemaker-go-and-bluetooth-wireless-barcode-scanning/
  2. Yes I can see now, runtime files (the .USR one) open. Even without extension, or .blah as an extension. However, the FM icon only shows when it has the .fp7 extension.
  3. I found this today. I have carefully avoided to type the real issue of this text, as it might not be correct: http://tech.dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/PSUG/message/93798
  4. If you transfer the 'Sample Inventory', which comes with FMGo, in iTunes from the device to the Mac or PC, you have developer access to it. What do you mean with 'strip developer access'?
  5. Thoughts on Security... 1. I think you cannot run runtime on FMGo. They are not .fp7 and not opening on FMGo devices? 2. You have to set security in a way that you can commercially secure the file. 3. A FMGo user can copy files in iTunes from iPad or iPhone to a desktop and open in FileMaker Pro. 4. I guess, unfortunately, there are tools which will recover the passwords from FileMaker Pro files. I assume, the tools are not able to recover passwords from files, generated with Filemaker Pro Advanced. Any feedback?
  6. SuperContainer and Terminal Services: Are there any known issues with SuperContainer on a Windows Terminal Services Network? FileMaker Server 11 is on an Xserve, Windows XP clients are on Terminal Services Network. Thanks for any feedback Greg
  7. Reactor: Is this a FileMaker Solution, or is it a Browser based online solution accessed through WebViewer? Cheers
  8. Yeah Right! Understand. Sorry, I am just of a humble nature. : Actually I am a very highly skilled professional in disguise, but do not tell anybody. Promise?
  9. Oh yes, that is a good start. Thanks. Do not get the rational about the second link, is it my lack of humor? : (bcooneys' reply)
  10. I have no idea where to start with a bookings / calendar solution. I have been ask to deliver a bookings solution for a small gym studio. 30 minutes spots are allocated to client bookings, contacts and equipment must be related. Are there any recommendations from the forum? Bookings in FMP and online calendar? iCal? Are there any solutions available? Any recommendation would by appreciated. Thanks Greg
  11. Now, my client has 350 layouts! I would like to optimize the LayoutNames and LayoutNumbers for better navigation. I have made a list which shows Get(LayoutName) and Get(LayoutNumber). Is it possible to change the LayoutName and the LayoutNumber through a calculation which write the result as the new LayoutName and LayoutNumber? ! ie Not changing the LayoutName from "Manage Layout". Thanks
  12. Great, I am learning every day. Thanks.
  13. I have a database with many layouts: 1. is there a way to sort the layouts? 2. is it possible to edit the layout numbers? I also found the very helpful layout file from 'genx', would anybody know about an updated file of his version? http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/181969/ Cheers Greg
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