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  1. Just make your "inches" field a Calculation with the result being a number. Then click options and type what I had before: Case( ad size = "full page"; 25; ad size = "half page"; 12.5; etc. for as many sizes as you have, changing the numbers to whatever they actually are. At the end, instead of a semi-colon, put in a closed parentheses.
  2. I'm not sure you mean relate since the two fields are in the same table. The easiest way I know of is make your "inches" field a calculation field and use a case function so it is filled automatically based on what is in the "ad size" field: Case( ad size = "full page"; 25; ad size = "half page"; 12.5)
  3. Yes, yes I see. I finally "get" it. Fantastic. I never really understood relational tables before and it just hit me. Now all the things you folks were saying before make sense. Thanks so much for your patience! And knowledge! This opens a whole new FM world for me.
  4. So, maybe if the script that does the find auto generates a key field that relates to the "people" table, thus just those records would be used. Maybe that's my path to enlightenment!
  5. But if they are related by name, it would be all the record in the data table. Right? I would think being able to sort summaries of a found set would be a simple thing to accomplish, but I guess not.
  6. One more thing, if anybody is still out there, that sum(data:amount) counts ALL the records in the data table. What if you just want it to count a found set of records?
  7. This is it, it's working. You guys are the bomb. It's so simple and I just shot right past it looking for something I thought would be complex. Thanks again.
  8. But then I get all the instances of each sale date, when all I want is a display of name and total sales. Which is why I was trying to use a related table. And failing obviously!
  9. I will give these a shot. Thanks all.
  10. I cant seem to get the Get(summary) to work, but the different tables idea might be the ticket. It will be a lot of work to set up, but miht make it easier in the long run. Thanks for this and future thanks for any other ideas anybody comes up with.
  11. Is there anyway to work with summary fields and/or parts without going into preview mode? I made up a small example of what I am trying to accomplish. I have figured out how to add the total sales of each rep and figured out how to sort those totals, but how do I display just the rep name and total sales without going into preview? The db I am actually working on has dozens of these totals and I would like the information to display on screen in a table so the end user can sort easily. I know just enough about FM to know I have no idea what I am doing. Am I just missing something right in fr
  12. I never stepped into the world of relationships and tables before! I guess its a good time to learn. Thanks
  13. I can't seem to get this to work. A good example is having a conference affiliation automatically assigned to a University based on the date a game is played. Here is a sample of what I have for two schools. Case ( Team = “Univ. of Arkansas” and Date > 8/1/1992; “Southeastern Conference”; Team = “Univ. of Arkansas”; “Southwest Conference”; Team = “Florida International” and Date > 8/1/2005; “Sun Belt Conference”; “Not Division 1A”) Team and Date are the field names. However, the date part of the function doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?
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