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  1. I am tryig to get a line chart to work. If I choose style of curve fitting it pretty much looks like I want; except list dates twice. Can someone please help; I have attached both files. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Do you know how to hide user/pass in URL? Thanks!
  3. When I shrink down the web viewer the scroll bars maintain their proportions and look ghetto in a list view. How can I just have a preview and get rid of scroll bars? I am using : "?style=readonly&username=myuser&password=mypass" Actually I think it's fine. Looks good on web. Thanks
  4. How is deployed? A a custom function. Does the plug-In need to be on server? This app. is being use in IWP. Thanks!
  5. That was awesome...Thanks! [ "?style=readonly&username=myuser&password=mypass" By the way, can you trap to see if there is an image in viewer? Thanks
  6. Thank You. It works, but I am still getting the UPLOAD FILE button; which I would like to suppress. I am trying to just view the image, and if 1 isn't there I don't want user to see dialogue. Thanks!
  7. I tried using this, and it is making me enter authentication http://yourServer.com:8020/SuperContainer/Files/Asset/" & myTable::ID & "?style=nopreview" & "?username=myuser&password=mypass" Thanks for all your help!
  8. It is important to read posts. I was looking in the documents folder on the server. However, I did a search by filename and did not find? Anyway, I went inside the documents folder in FMS, and there she was! Pretty as a picture! If my goal is to do a server side import from 1 FM file to another, then shouldn't I just schedule an export from source through destination file, and then the import of the same file after that, keeping the entire operation in 1 script so they don't overlap? Thanks again...
  9. You are correct! Jacked by FM again. How come when I export txt or csv it says it happened in the scheduler, but the file is not in documents on the server??
  10. I did this to a tee... Go to Layout [“Test” (City)] Show All Records Sort Records [specified Sort order: City::Country; ascending City::City; ascending} [Restore; No Dialog] Set Variable [$varpath; Value: “filewin:” & Get(DocumentsPath) & “testfile.txt”] Export Records [File Name: “$varpath”; Character Set “Windows (ANSI); Field Order: City::Country City::City] [No dialog] It seems to run as when schedule is over it says ok in administrator. But I can't find file??? Also , when I try to import from 1 filemaker file to another it fails...Both are on the same FM
  11. I'm confused...Have a box with Windows XP and FMP 9 client version with File Sharing turned off as server. There are approximately 4 users. I’ve been trying to set up a script for 1 of the users to import from an XLS. I have not been able to automate the script; as I think it should work. I simply want the user to import an XLS from the same folder on a desktop that has the same name. Works great in a non-server environment. It should work… When the database opens the “set path” script runs: Set variable [$$path;If( PatternCount ( Get ( SystemPlatform ) ; 1 ) ; "filemac:" ; "file
  12. Any good methods to generate random alpha-numeric numbers? Certificate Field=7 digit number set by script.User determines start number and amount of records to generate.This number must be unique... Each series will be 10,000 number increments. Unless someone sticks a 100,000 in there... So I guess it doesn't matter if pin is unique but it would be nice... Pin Field=6 digit random numeric. =auto-enter calc =Right("000000" & Random* 999999; 6) I want the pin to be alpha numeric... Thanks in Advance!
  13. Thanks, I'm sure that will do the trick... maybe I'm going about this the wrong way. I have a Tournament Table, I pick Boats from a picker, and I have the angler table related both to tourney and boats picked. The list is a calculation derived from there. Can you use a field calc List(anglers) as you would a avlue list? Would this script fail in a network environment. Should I do it differently?
  14. Thank you so much... How can I store all the id's in Variable. It seems your script doesn't deal with list(anglers) only 1 id. I have a value list of Angler ID's: say: 111 112 113 114 How can I write the script so it deals with all the values.
  15. Doing a database for a fishing tourney. Busting my head. Need some serious help with this script. Boats are chosen with a picker from the Tournaments table as participants. Each Boat has a number of Anglers. Boats and Anglers are related by iD. I created value list of both portals. The Boat list is a list of Boats chosen, and the angler list is a list of the Anglers on those boats. From either or both these lists I am trying to create records in a seperate Table called "payments" related by tourney id. 2 value lists Boat Id's & Angler Id's The Id fields are correct but I need
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