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  1. I have found a solution to my problem which may help. When you create a layout for the Web and for use on Firefox or any web browser using the same engine as Firefox then I have found that if you include headers and footers in your layouts it can produce random results as there is so much CSS/HTML generated. I removed the header/footer from my layout. See if that works.
  2. Hi, I am having the same problem where I have portal rows with buttons in them and they do not work when using Mozilla Firefox on FMSA 8. I am wondering if this is due to the latest updates for Firefox over the last week or so. All buttons outside of the portal work fine. I have tested in IE7 and everything works great. Unfortunately many of our users are MAC users who have Firefox.
  3. Hi Genx, See my use of your original app for a project I am doing. I am still working at adding a horizontal portal to store a users selections as they add each image to their own list. There is PHP scripts out there that do this but I think its good to use FM to prove it can do it! Still. Any advice or pointers let me know.
  4. Hi, I am thinking about extending this app a bit. I would like to implement a users selection into another list (in a portal like a shopping basket/lightbox). So the user clicks on the image and it is added to their selection which appears in their basket but you actually see the image. Any ideas? I would like to have each user have only access to their list. I await any comments.
  5. Hi, I have discovered that IWP (including FMSA) has a slight issue when displaying lists in IWP. If you have a field with text in it and you surround part of that test with quotes. ie: this is a "test blar blar" some more text. It can totally throw the web browser and displays fields in the wrong place and sometimes at the top of the page. If you remove the quotes or replace with single quotes it removes the problem. Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. I have looked at using it like a generic search tool. You have a google like search page and then it delivers the results as images. I reduced it to 9 per page and flip per page rather than column. Worked fine until i tested. I found that it populated images in between finds. So if you have results on a find for records 1, 8, 9, 10 It would display images between 1-8 as well in the portal but still have the correct result count which is 4. So did a bit of digging about and found that the calc field c_currentIDSet needs to have the box "Do not evauluate if all referenced fields are emp
  7. Hi Steven, We are looking to deploy in around 2 weeks. I have installed SP2 on a test machine and it seems ok but you can never tell until you test everything which takes time.
  8. Hi Folks, This is an information request and also maybe a topic to build on. Has anyone heard about any problems or issues with FMSA8 with Server 2003 R2. I have purchased SA and am using it on a developing machine. We are to go live soon but are building up a server to run it on. I am in the process of purchasing the Server OS and am finding that R2 is pretty much all you can buy. I have contacted Filemaker and they have not replied. Has anyone heard anything/read anything or knows if there are issues???
  9. Hi Guys! I am purchasing Server 8 this week but am looking to run it on XP Pro SP2. My question is regarding concurrent web connections. What is the max count. I know IIS 5.1 on XP Pro is limited to 10, is this going to affect FM Server 8 and limit that to 10. Thanks.
  10. Found it!!! It's in the import function. I should of known!
  11. Hi, I have a folder that contains around 200 images which I want to batch import into 200 new records. I have no issues with the process of importing via script but is there a way you can read the folder contents into an array that contains the filenames and generate a looping script. My problem really is working out a way for filemaker to read each filename in the windows folder. Thanks in advance!!! Matt.
  12. So the script is Freeze Window Goto Layout with Container Field Insert File [into Container Field] Goto back to original Layout Refresh Window Seems to work!!!
  13. Thanks. I am assuming that if i create a layout with just the container on it and ensure this is not visible to the user then this would work. I tried without the container on the current layout but the script didn't do anything. As soon as i put the container field in the layout it works. But I don't want the container on screen at all. M.
  14. Hi guys! Please help. This maybe obvious and simple but just cannot figure it out. I am trying to allow the user to insert a picture/file into a container field that is not on the layout screen. Primarily for speed reasons as the user is remote. We don't need to view the container only insert it. Any ideas or pointer. Thanks in advance.
  15. Sorry! My eyes are terrible.... Any ideas for a stored image for the dimensions. Thanks.
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