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  1. I really could use a solution to this, if anyone has one. Id really like to know if I can export as a form too rather than list/table.
  2. no thank you, your prices are too high and your storage space and bandwidth are too low.
  3. another thing.. I see when I export to HTML it does so in a list/table fashion... is it possible to export in form?
  4. Hello, I have made the databases for my company's inventory in FM Pro 8.5 Now I am designing a website for them. I would like to find an easy way to publish our list of inventory on the site for customers from all across the USA to see. I see where I can export records to HTML format but one of my fields is a container which contains an image of each of our items. I really need to have that image with each record. I could always export to HTML then edit the HTML files in Dreamweaver and place the images in it BUT I have over 3000 items. I am really searching for a solution that wont take
  5. Hello, Im not sure what you would call this BUT... I have two fields in the database I am trying to design that I do NOT want associated with any record. What I have is A summary field that adds up the total of the fields call "Spent" and then another summer that adds up the total of the fields called "Earned" Then I have an another field that is a calculation field called "Total Profit" that finds the difference between Spent and Earned. That all works well. However, occassionally I need to adjust "Spent" and "Earned" from another source so I am trying to put in 2 more fields
  6. I knwo I am overlooking something but I just cant seem to figure out what it is to make what I want work. In each record I have a field called Cost and then in my footer I have field called Total spent. I want total spent to be the sum of every record's Cost field. How do I do this?
  7. Hello, I am not sure how to word this question so let me try to describe what I have and what I want to do. I have a field in my database that has 2 values in a value list. They are "Verified" and "Not Verified" What I woudl like to do, when in table view is to be able to have that when "Verified" is the selected value for that field, the field background will be yellow. If the field value is "Not Verified" Id like to field value to just remain white. Now I know I can change the background/fill color of the field as a whole but that would make the field always the same col
  8. Did my question not make sense? Should I try to reword it better? Or is it just that no one knows the answer?
  9. Im not sure where to categorize this question or even how to word it but I will try... When I go to do a search.. and I am in table view... I generally enter the date I want to search for in the field I want to search for it in then I hit enter onc and my search is performed. However some fields, if I try to search by them, and enter the info i want to search for and then hit the enter button, rather than performing my search instantly I ended up tabbed over to the next field. In some cases I have to hit the enter button 4 times, which tabs me through 4 different fields before my search i
  10. Ah ha! I found it! lol thank you :)
  11. id love to. thats exactly what I am wanting to do but I am completely stumped and cant figure out how to do this. I define a text field but then I dont see where I would "auto-enter modification account name" please help me?
  12. hmm my inventory doesnt actually have stock numbers... well it does but they are constantly changing. the database I run is a database of a used motor inventory. every record has its own unique stock # and every new field entered has its own new and unique stock #. There are about 3000 records currently. When we sell an item the record is just deleted along with its stock # and its stock # is never used again. So with that in mind, it doesnt sound to me as if the method you layed out above will work for me. there is no other way?
  13. Hi I am not sure if this would be the right area of teh forum to ask this question but honestly I didnt know what section to start in. My question is this: I have a simple database that i built to keep track of an inventory. For the last year I am the only person who has entered any stock into this database. Now I will be training someone else to enter stock into the database. What I would like to do is when this person enters a record into teh database, that a field will be auto filled showing which account last edited the field and/or entered the record. I have looked and I dont s
  14. Hello I am using FMPro 8.5 here at work. We have 4 pcs with it on it and one acts as the server. On that PC the default printer is our Xerox. On my pc the default printer is my HP. In the past when I went to print, it ALWAYS sent the print job to my HP unless i specified a different printer. However, now, it always sends to the Xerox first. Every morning I must go into printer setup within FM and choose my HP printer. After I do that it will always print to my HP until I reboot or close and reopen FM then I must set it again. Its been driving me crazy tryin to figure out why in the
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