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  1. I would like to limit the size of any photo a user may upload to a container field to a maximum size of to 300 kb. Is there a way to set a maximum allowable size? Field Validation? How would I implement this? Thank You, Greg
  2. Is the any way to show a restricted field as a blank field rather than <<no access>>? Thanks
  3. I am trying to limit access of some users to certain records based on a date range. In a calculation I would like to specify a date range of 90 days prior to todays current date and 30 days ahead of todays current date. I tried: > get(current date)-90 and < get(current date) +30 This did not seam to work very well. I am sure there is a way to do this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Greg
  4. Currently I have 12 databases (created with previous versions of filemaker so most are related but the databases are individual of each other.) All databases have about 15 users. Each user has their own different password. If I want to change a password for a user I go to each database and make the change. Is there a way to streamline this so I can change a password for a single user in all 12 databases with fewer steps?
  5. Is there a way to determine if a user is accessing my database by either iwp or filemaker? Reason is: I would like to only have one user name and password for each of my users. Depending on how my users are accessing the database (either iwp or filemaker)I will use my "opening script" to send them to either my iwp layout or standard layout. Any suggestions?
  6. Problem: If you perform a script with a "Perform Find" command and it does not find any records, FileMaker will return the message "No records match this request. (Cancel, Continue, Modify Find)." I would like to customize this. Instead of: "No records match this request. (Cancel, Continue, Modify Find)." Can I have a custom dialog pop up and say "No records match this request" but with only one button that will say "continue". When the continue button is pressed my script will resume which puts me into browse mode. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help. Greg I
  7. I would like to have a validation occur in a date field. I would like the validation to be a date range of 60 days (30 days prior to current date and 30 days after the current date). The date entered needs to fall within that 60 day period. How would I enter this validation information? Thanks
  8. I would like to set up a script to find records for the current month only. For Example: If I am running the script in September I would like all of the found records to be from September Only. How would I set this variable up in a Standard "Perform Find" script step or is there another way to do it? Maybee I can incorporate a calculation into a find somehow. Note: I do have fields setup within the record that are timestamped. This is the field data I will use for the finds. Thanks
  9. Has anyone had any experience with importing emails? Is it possible? I would like to import the message bodies of my emails into filemaker and link them to records via an existing email address field. I am currently using Outlook Express for my Email Program and storage folders. Any ideas?
  10. That gives me an idea. Since filemaker stores only a referance to the .jpeg location I was thinking I had to keep them in the same folder. I could import the pictures in a staging then move the pictures to my main folder. Then write a script to rename the file location in filemaker after the import and the move. Is this what you were thinking?
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