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  1. Hi any help at all here would be great. I have downloaded Business Productivity Kit and have tweaked it for what I need but am stuck. I want to charge say 6 euro for a class and run a report at end of month on each student to see if they have kept up payments. At the minute I am getting a report for all students. Can I edit this template so I can find out who paid and not paid and have it calulate how much Im owed.
  2. sorry the rapidshare files were wrong anyhow when printing a invoice it is defaulting to the first invoice in the list i dont know how else to explain it so i have uploaded the files i am using to TESTDATABASE FILES log in using stan for username and stan for password. log into filemaker using guest account. any help would be great as I havent a clue whats happening it only happens when you select a new customer if you go into list view it prints every time??
  3. here is the files I am using TESTDATABASE FILES use stan for username and password log into filemaker using guest account when you create a new invoice and print it trys to print a list of all invoices printed???
  4. after creating a new invoice if I go to print, it will print the form view layout instead of the sale invoice layout. if i select an older invoice and print it will print ok. when I select new invoice the invoice number is 98 but when i print it prints the form view for invoice number 86. i have attached some pics to maybe explain better. Any help would be great cause I havent a clue whats happening??
  5. Hi is it possible to import customer database from Sage accounting into Filemaker?
  6. I would like to be able to search by preferred customer. In my contacts module I have a preferred customer drop down list with Yes and No in the list. Is it possible when searching for customer to show only preferred customers?
  7. I sorted this by changing the Contacts module from First Name & " " & Last Name To this calculation: First Name & " " & Last Name & " (" & City 1 & ")" And then changed the sales orders invoice layout from bill to name to first name and then underneath last name. Its working the way I wanted so thanks for your help..
  8. Hi I have figured out adding in the value list( I added in the address) but I have to add it in individually for each John Murphy. If another John Murphy is added to the contact list I have to go into Sales orders and define the value list for that customer. is there an easier way to have it add the address automatically?
  9. still cant figure this out I had a look in the value list(by going file define value list) and cant see anything in there
  10. Hi I have a database setup it is just a edited version of the Business Productivity Kit. What happens is when I add a contact lets say John Murphy everything works fine. But in this database I need to add maybe five or six different John Murphy's with different address's. When I go to sales orders and lookup John Murphy it only shows one John Murphy even though there are 6 in the contacs. Any ideas how I can show all 6 John Murphy's???
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