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  1. Yeah, I put in 2 and a half full days messing with something that should only take a few moments. What we ended up using took me 10 minutes to set up... it doesn't do 100% of what we wanted, but rather 50-75%... Oh well, we'll see where it goes.
  2. "The foundation you're adding niftyness to is pretty shaky - to be honest." I would agree with you on that, 100% Edit: Well, we decided to step back from this project... we're going to reconsider some options, look at what we have to work with and decide if we're going to salvage or build anew. Thanks for the help guys.
  3. There was quite a bit of planning... and quite a bit of "learn as you go". The problems come into play with trying to integrate into the original design. The only change I made to the entire graph was adding A_BudgetOurs 2. As far as ditching the project, well... we've been using this particular file for a long time, and now we're just wanting to add to it. Whoever originally built it probably didn't have that in mind though.
  4. Just wanted to mention that all those table names were part of the template, and if I change them then it messes up the scripting and the buttons to add new rows to portals stop working. I was going to simplify a lot of it, but it seems that there is some order to its madness, on some level...
  5. Still no luck. Any more thoughts? Another thought of mine... in trying establish a unique projectId. It already has a projectID being generated upon the creation of the project as a whole. Since this is just a part of the project... is there a way to relate the elements to the projects master ID? I've tried the methods I'm aware of, but then I'm not able to add rows to my portals, something within the scripting as I mentioned before... I can't make many changes to the structure at all... bleh.
  6. Okay, I'll try to explain this the best I'm able. I'm still a beginner, but understanding a lot of the concepts and methods now. I know what I need to do, but am not able to do it because of the design of the template our company decided to use. Obviously, the original creators of the template are far more advanced than myself, so I am having to pretty much follow their rules. I'll post a clone, but good luck navigating your way around. I'll try to direct as best as possible, but in the clone particular buttons are not showing up. What you'll want to do is create a new project, and g
  7. So I tried making a clone, made it, and it was all crazy when I tried to go through it myself. If I get a chance later today I'll try to get somethin for you all to look at.
  8. I'll have to work on gettin a clone put up later... I tried to earlier, but it said my file became corrupt, couldn't be saved... yadda yadda. I'll get one put up though. Comment, I made some changes to the naming. My lookup to the Estimate table refered to above should have said Estimate 2. It's on hold for the weekend at this point, but thanks for the help. Bare with me, I'm still rather new to this... having only been working in FP7 for about a week.
  9. Alright, so I have another issue with my project. I'm not 100% sure on how to explain it because it came from a template and I'm adding what I've created to it. The problem is that when it looks up the value from the rate in the Estimate table, and you start working with a new record, it still draws from that first value. So if I have one Estimate with a rate of 100$ per hour, and the next estimate is 105$ an hour, it does a lookup and finds 100$ so that's what goes in the pulledRate field... rather than 105$. Get what I'm saying?
  10. Ah, thanks for that info. I've got the problem solved now, but if I run into any more trouble I'll use that method. Thanks again.
  11. It works! Thanks for all the help! I started running into a little problem with storage I think, but it's good now. Thanks again!
  12. Thanks for the example, it was very helpful. However, the rate in TimeLog is showing as blank. I've been tinkering for a few minutes, so I'll keep at it, but do you have any suggestions? I'd post up what I'm working on, but it's full of "confidential" client info... I know that would be helpful though. I also wanted to note some differences between our builds. I don't have a PojectID, and I refer to type as functionDescription. So, I don't have ProjectId linked between everything, I have functionDescription in Timelog linked with functiondescription in Estimate2. Also, I have p
  13. Okay, so I'm not following you so well. Right now I'm having trouble adding rows to my Portals... I can make it work, but then when I set it up with the extra occurance for some reason I can't make it work. /sigh
  14. I'm with ya now So... as of now I'm looking at: Project - Estimate - TimeLog Connected like that, rather than both Estimate and TimeLog connecting to Project...?
  15. Hmm... did I mention I'm a beginner? I'm trying to find a way to apply the above mentioned methods (either one) This is pretty tough stuff at first.
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