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  1. Hi Everyone, This problem has probably been asked a million times but I cannot work out how to achieve the following: I have a table called UserDocuments2 and in this table I have 2 fields (among others) called UserDocuments2::DocumentName and UserDocuments2::DocumentText This works fine and I can create new documents and store in a portal. What I want to have happen is over on my Notices Table, when a user selects the field Notices::Header a DDL using the data from UserDocuments2::DocumentName is entered into Notices::Header (this works) but also the associated
  2. miltont

    Portal issue

    Thanks rwoods, I tried creating a relationship between the OwnerEmails table and the copy of the Staff table named StaffDepartment, but it did not work, it only shows the first staff members name. I am unsure which fields to use for the join and should the join be based on = I have attached the join and the value list below. So recapping: OwnerEmails::AuthorForEmail is a Drop Down List based on Staff::FirstName What I require is that the list of staff first names is 'filtered' by Staff::Department, which is also a drop down list which is based on custom values.
  3. miltont

    Portal issue

    Thanks rwoods, That fixed it, pretty obvious once it is explained.... One last item (hopefully!) on the second last line in the script is: Go to Field (OwnerEmails::Author for Email) which uses a Drop Down List with values from Staff::First Name. As there are a number of staff, I have added a field called Department, which uses a second DDL with custom values. Accounts, Admin, Property, Sales. How do I limit the first DDL (for Staff::First Name) to only show staff names that equal Admin?
  4. miltont

    Portal issue

    Thanks rwoods, I placed the set variables at the start of the script (as well as tidying up the script in general) see below. It is still selecting the data from the first row in the left hand portal? Thanks bcooney, I have never set up a script parameter before, how would I structure this in the specify calculation box? Thanks heaps!!
  5. miltont

    Portal issue

    Thanks rwoods, I altered the join to the Cartesian join and the records are now showing in the Template portal correctly as shown below with the email subject field on the left and the email body field on the right. On another layout I have 2 portals, the one on the left is the Template portal (as above, but only showing the Subject field) and on the right is the Email portal where all emails are stored, sorted by date. When the user clicks on a subject field in the Template portal on the left, (shown as the red arrow) a script runs that: creates a new record in the Em
  6. miltont

    Portal issue

    Hi everyone, I have created a table that holds 3 fields, - id, email subject and email text. These will be used as templates for emails. The idea is that the user creates the templates ( I can create new records) and then whilst on the Owners layout a portal will show these templates (the same list of templates for each Owner). How do I create the relationship between the OwnerEmailTemplate table and the Owner Table so this will display correctly? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi All, I have a field called ClassID that holds four numbers i.e. 1786 What I would like to do is break the numbers down into 4 seperate fields. i.e. field 1 (BuildingName) would hold whatever the first number is (in this case 1) field 2 (EntranceNumber)would hold whatever the first number is (in this case 7) field 3 (Floor)would hold whatever the first number is (in this case 8) field 4 (RoomNumber)would hold whatever the first number is (in this case 6) I will then use calculations for the results to show which building, which entrance, which floor and which roo
  8. Hi everyone, I have a form that holds 5 fields: Activity, Hazards, Class Risk, Control Measure, Class Risk2. There will be 5 to 10 lines of each. Each field sits next to the other and is the same height (approx 250 px high) much the same as if they were in a portal. I have included a snapshot of this in browse and print preview. What I am trying to acheive is making the finished height of each field the same as the Control Measures field as this will hold the most information, thus the most characters. I thought I would acheive it thusly.... Count the text cha
  9. Thanks Comment........works a treat :)
  10. Hi Daniele, I tried your suggestion but it will not recognise List I have attached a screenshot of what I typed. Thanks again. Milton
  11. Thanks for that Vaughan. When I tried it I get the answer of 3 whether the fax has 1 page or 2 pages etc. I have attached the script I setup. Milton.
  12. I have created a simple cover sheet for faxes. I would like to automatically calculate how many pages the fax will be and insert this calculation onto the fax cover sheet. Is there any easy way around this other than manually going into print preview and scrolling through the pages until you find the page numbers and then manually entering this value? Thanks in advance Milton.
  13. Hi everyone, I have a report based on job data, but sometimes we have more than 1 invoice for a particular job. Is there a calculation I could use that would add the invoice numbers together with a comma and a space between, knowing that the information is coming from seperate rows in a portal? Any help would be appreciated. Milton.
  14. Hi All, Is there a calculation I can use that limits the amount of text that a user can type into a field - say 50 characters? Thanks in advance Milton.
  15. Definately on a different page. I don't have any problems when the user creates a new note, yes they can edit it to their hearts content, the problem never existed with a new record. As I have stated previously it is when the user EDITS the existing note. If I use the script attached to a button it works. If I use the script as a script trigger when I tab out of a field, the cursor will not stay in the field. If I add pause/resume script it puts the cursor in the correct position, but causes the problem if the user clicks the previous or next button to go to other existing note
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