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  1. Hey, another IWP question. I have created a custom splash screen linking to the database login screen. However I do not know how to customise the login screen. Is there any material or recent conversations concerning this issue? Cheers Dec
  2. on another topic, has filemaker the capability of doing a find and replace on an image file?
  3. IWP? Instant web publishing? I just publish via the filemaker preferences and view via firefox / safari. Sorry Im new to all this Filemaker
  4. I just published my FM database and I have major problems! Buttons dont work, layouts lose colour, drop down boxes are viewing half of the display. Im viewing in safari and firefox! anything I should know?
  5. Hey anybody got any advice on this issue?
  6. I am creating a quotation system for a new media company. Basically what I need is to be able to select a product from a drop down, which in turns drags in a price. All prices could then be totalled. Sorry for not being clear, and for posting in the wrong area. Cheers
  7. Is there any open source quotation solutions for filemaker? Cheers Dec
  8. Hey Phil Cheers for the reply I want to send an email for all records that meet the date deadline.
  9. Hey Im new to this filemaker game, I ve got a DB setup now I require my DB to send automatic emails when the 'deadline date' = the current date. Any help very much appreciated
  10. decymim

    Automatic Email

    OK cheers for the feedback Phil, Ill give that a go now. I've a funny feeling Im going to be on these forums quite a bit for this project. Thanks Again Decy
  11. decymim

    Automatic Email

    Hey, Im new to this forum. I want to know is it possible to generate automatic emails: For example if a project completion date has passed an email is generated Thanks
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