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  1. thanks a lot for the reply! i will try to see if I can let it work properly. stefano
  2. Dear Sir, I am trying to develop a login form (via flash) using the xml query string. AS I do not want to use the basic http login request, I must enable the guest account in filemaker pro. WHen I do send an xml query via browser as this one: the login and password parameters are sent to the webrelogin script,which must perform the re-login script step. What it happens is that, being the guest account enabled,the err
  3. This post follows one I made time ago and it is concerning the ability of using xml
  4. Dear Mr.Edoshin, after a long time,i came back to this problem. following your suggestion,i had tried to use a relogin script step,sending the login and password by this way,as indicated in filemaker xml reference: The webrelogin script step that I have created in filemaker, should perform the re-login,using the 2 parameters provided via url (1%7login2%7pass) Filemaker re-login script step allow to insert login and password
  5. thanks. i do understand what you mean and it works for sure. about the second part of my message: so it means that what is it possible to do in access,cannot be made in filemaker? i cannot handle with one filemaker interface,different filemaker databases? regards stefano
  6. thanks for the answer! I already thought about creating a "companies" table,which is related to invoicing table via company foreign key,but this solution does not work when I do consider that invoices are automatically numbered from 1;so for each company, the invoicing should start from one,while by this way,there would be a unique counter common to all the companies. so this is not a solution. I have seen many invoicing solutions based on microsoft access97 and microsoft access2000 which have a common interface, but which allow to choose a database on which to work. All the data
  7. Hello, I hope that some of the gurus of this forum can give me a clue for the following matter. I have developed a small filemaker solution for invoicing purposes and I am still developing it,adding new features when required,but costantly. the question is:how to have a multi-company database ? For example: I have companies A,B,C. How can I handle the invoicing of company A company B or company C, using only the main invoicing solution that I have developed? If I should use 3 copies of the solution that I have created, anytime that I make some changes to my i
  8. At least I have a clue now. thanks a lot for the answer! stefano
  9. Hello, I have posted a question similar to this on XML forum,so I am really interested to your reply. Doesn't filemaker server advanced 9 support https?At least this this what I have found in official documents.In this case,username and password wouldn't be sent encrypted? And it is possible to create a login form to send username and password aand to handle errors, instead of having that the credentials dialog appear? I am posing this question because I am interested to flash-filemaker integration via XML. Thanks, stefano I am interested to this
  10. Hello, thans for the reply. For what I have understood, FILEMAKER SERVER URL SINTAX FOR XML ACCESS is: :[]/fmi/xml/.xml? So I am wondering if that way to send login and password is acceptable and,if so, how to handle errors. thanks stefano
  11. Hello, I hope that some of the gurus that are in this forum can give me a clue about the following matter. I am interested to a particular aspect concerning flash filemaker integration via XML. I have red about XML URL SINTAX and this is the question: I want to develop a flash login form where,before connecting to the server,users must authenticate and that would be used to show error messages when username/password or both are invalid. XML URL SINTAX does not tell how to handle it, but only how to get and send data via XML. I mean that I have not find the way to se
  12. Dear Sir, thanks for your really quick reply! your reply gave me the idea of what I should look for to solve this problem about logging in dinamically. thanks a lot.I will google more about it. I have a question about username and password to be sent to the customer to login dinamycally: to access a filemaker database, not considering the guest account,I have always to enter a username and an password,which are stored and encrypted inside the filemaker datadase. Thi means that If I will have 1,000 customers, I will have to create, Inside filemaker, 1000 accounts with
  13. Dear Sirs, I am new to php, therefore I have an important question that I hope some of he gurus here will help me to make clear! this is the situation: 1. I have a full filemaker database that I would use to build an ecommerce website; 2.For each customer,in filemaker database, I have created a login and a password,to which are assigned diferent privileges and extended privileges sets;this helps me to have a great control over what each customer category can or cannot do, see or not see(eg.I set up privileges in a way that a customer can see only the orders that he had cre
  14. Thanks to all of you! grazie a tutti per l'aiuto! stefano :(
  15. Hello filemaker gurus! i am trying to use the "set next serial value" function. I have a field ,set as auto enter serial number. So why it does not work? Someone can check it? thanks! stefano trial.fp7.zip
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