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  1. I have generated a website with the php site assistant and all works pretty well except the find page. The find choice is made with a radio button choice from a value list within fmpro. The not equals choice actually finds a list of records where the field is equal equal. I looked at the find.php and not equals is 'neq' I looked at the fmview.php and it converts 'neq' to '!=' This seems right. The greater than choice works as far as it finds a list of records where the text field contains data that is alpha greater than the data I am trying to exclude. I have
  2. I couldn't use cronnix because i have windows, but i did find that doscript2.0 works fine for me.
  3. Ok this is what I am trying to do... I run some fm reports every morning that takes me about an hour because it involves importing a huge file that comes in sometime during the night. If i could run my import script before i get here it would saver a lot of time. I leave fmserver running 24/7, I can leave my client fmpro8.5 running all night if i have to. I actually have the same situation for multiple reports so the time adds up. Is a plugin the way to go?
  4. I have server8 and pro8.5 adv How do i schedule a script to run a certain time?
  5. I am trying to import a .txt file that contains fixed width data at the bottom. I also want to import some names and numbers from the beginning of the .txt Do I need a plug-in, or do I need to manipulate the .txt with perl? Anyone have any ideas where to start?
  6. You don't need advanced to use odbc. I installed an odbc driver that lets me make SQL queries into our mySQL database. It is the easiest way to import records of all.
  7. Can I import this knd of data directly into FM. I can do it with excel. 0000077132-07-000004.txt
  8. I know I can import an XML document with an http request. The document I want is not XML it is comma delimited text. The document is not a file, it is an http address. Do I need to save it as a file or can I import with an http request? I can get it as an XML document but I dont know how to write an XSL stylesheet to convert to fmpresult
  9. i have a self join relationship that identifies unique colors. I can find unique colors I can get found count of unique colors I can set field to hold the value of count of colors I can insert field on my report layout but it is only visible in browse not preview. This seems like a lot to do just to get a count of the unique colors.
  10. I don't want the number of cars, I want the number of different colors
  11. I have a report with subsummaries. I want to count the number of subsummaries. Example Cars 7 " "Green 4 " "Red 1 " "Blue 2 I want to get a count of the different colors, in this case 3 different colors.
  12. I want to format phone numbers entered as 12345678901 as (234)567-8901 2345678901 as (234)567-8901 234-567-8901 as (234)567-8901 (234)5678901 as (234)567-8901
  13. What's the best way to create an XSL stylesheet for FMPXMLResult grammar?
  14. I am trying to import an xml file but I get a parsing error. Do I need an XSl stylesheet? Does the file need an .xml extension?
  15. I want to set a field in a different file using the current record from source file. I am using a file reference to second file. I tried to set variable(sourcefield) set field secondary field,$variable. get unrelated error. Is there a way to do this with out creating a new layout in source file using records from second file?
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